Sunday, 6 April 2008

New sewing machine!

Well. I'm pretty sure its not the newest model on the market (i know too well) but it was cheap and on Ebay! and me being a 17 (in 3 weeeks!) year old student its all i could afford, much better than the hand turning one iv been using... 200 years old!

I decided to get working on some plushie toy designs ive made recently but unfortuntly i'm going to have to wait to buy some fleece as the cotton "i've just cut up your tshirt mum is that ok?" plushies were not looking quite right.
ah well i'l get them made soon :)

slightly destracted by the snowww- no snow since i was like... 11 or somthing, pretty cool!
I'm going to get my mum to drive me down to our horses feild in abit to get some pictures for my albums, hopfully there turn out good enough to post up!

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