Saturday, 24 October 2009

another new tattoo...haha

ita autumn babies!

so chris has gone off skiing for a month and im a little *heart aching* but ive filled my time well ;)

and by well i meen alot of cooookinggg.....

I roasted the okra in cumin in the oven untill crispy
i got the idea from meghann and kath.

i used a little bit of cooking spray and on a realy low heat ocasionly turned the tofu over in the pan untill it was evenly golden on each side, i then added some of the masala sauce mixture into the pan, still on a low heat untill the sauce is heated through
i platted it up with my okra fries and brown rice

this was yum scrum :)

my bishbosh meal includes:

pineapple ring
brown rice
cherry tomatos
pineapple juice
chinese stir fry spice
tamari sauce
tofu cubed

i paired this meal with roasted butternut squash, my fav! and green beans :)

this was simply soya protein balls in a vegan cream cheeze and cheeze slices and chive sauce i made, i added spices, tomatoes, chopped broccoli and a ton of random things i dont remeber but clearly from the picture some pumpkin seeds were present :)
i used the leftover okra in paprika and tomato/garlic/herbed rice :)

I got my new uggs :) my old ones i have had for a year and are looking abit ergh after too much wearing :p

EDITED**** yes i am a vegan, im a vegan because im alergic to everything a vegan chooses not to eat, i cant eat eggs, dairy products and my body cannot break down meat, everyones aloud there own opinion, i grew up on farms and so i know that if a sheep is not shawn then it will get fly blown and so get infected wool and flesh, i have seen this and its horrible , u shear it so that it stops infection and the wool is sold on for things like uggs, but like i said everyone can do what they wish
so dont give me greif in what i choose to buy

i decided to get the button fold down one this time. i think there cuter but the £160 price tag wasnt nice :/
but totally worth it!!

Chris came with me the other day to town becausee...

(this pic is distorted as my wrist is super swollen)
i got ANOTHER tattoo.. god im so obsessed!
its a seagull to symbolise my sailing obsession and the fact on my old house land we owned part of a beach so permently like lived on it:)

mmmmm raisins.... artists food ;D

(like a week after i got it done btw..haha i duno if u can see but i have a burn through it atm from the oven..owtch)


its called.."taste"
and yes.. yes it is a guy about to lick a girls stomach.. i think maybe in a weird way i was painting a guy i know ;) but ofcourse id never admit that ..teehee

tofu scramble, turmeric,smashed firm tofu, corgettes, tomo's, mushrooms, spinach and roasted butternut squash :) ohh and gota love the tatters with soy butter mm yummy

ohh and some pics of my new foal! !
selling it next week thoughh

yummmy... babycorned soymice with corn pasta

and with that i will bit you a good dayo :)
and im off to make sloe gin with the sloes i picked!!!!


i swear the whole of america is obsessed with pumpkin, over here like no one eats it at all, iv tried it roasted but thats about it,

do u eat alot of pumpkin products?


nourishing mornings said...

love your tattoo!!! if i were to get one i would get a similar one on my wrist as well :)
and love raisins ;)
well pumpkin, yes i am addicted haha, i have pumpkin butter, pumpkin puree, i just bought a fresh pumpkin to bake, and i eat pumpkin seeds as well lately... ;) i think thats a bit much non? haha and just had lots of kambocha squash with my dinner.

lots of love.

jibbalibba said...

i eat pumpkin very often i just love it i have pumpkin everything.

Your picture may just be amazing to say the least you have talent girl, huge talent

Anonymous said...

uggs - W.T.F? aren't you vegan?

peony in a nutshell said...

to annom

i EAT vegan, becauuse im alergic to like everything a vegan dosnt eat
not because i desided to be a vegan