Saturday, 19 September 2009

alice's tea party

Did you know that the girl that was used in "alice in wonderland", the real girl it was based on is burried in lyndhurst in hampshire :)

me and dee went to look at her grave on our work break, its liturly right behind my bakery which i think is realy cool, theres alot of alice in wonderland inspired stuff here,
infact.. the tea rooms neer us is called the mad hatters ;)
the card i made chelsea

my friend chelseas 20th birthday is alice in wonderland themed and i'm going as the dormouse :P to junk in southampton

this is my ears and bowtie for it :D:D

il post an update of it after the party

Alot of my meals this week will comsist of this beauty...


ooh and mixed beans!

black beans, brown rice (from them spanish cups i broght back) plaintan chips,

this is quite boring i guess but i thought it looked and tasted amazing :) i love braised tofu

I used this kids pasta sauce over rice pasta in this one, it was alot nicer on my stomach,its all natural with no artificial flavors or preservitives and things, its got hidden veggies in aswell, always good
my salad was baked brussel sprouts in gluten free soy sauce.

salsaaa, my family brought it back from camping un opened, couldnt resist using it in some way or another

i got this amazing book the other day on a break at work, there is this realy cheap book shop in lyndhurst that sells all books at like a small amount of the origional price, i scanned the shelfs and saw a vegan section! and for £4.99 its a barginnn! well any book less than a 5er is hehe

my boss loved the book and wants to borrow it after me :p the recipes are realy diffrent and i will be making some very soon!

ive muched down two jacket potatoes recently, gluten free spaghetti in tomo sauce is yummy!, i paired it with pinapple and tomato slices, great combo, i find soya cheese and pinapple is realy nice on a jacket

I used some left over chilli and added extra chilli to fill this jacket, was so great the two diffrent flavors, they complimented each other perfectly.

WIIIZZZZZZZ back in the time machine to the day before were we brewed a BEAST of a chilli in my mightly couldron... ok a cooking pan but still... use abit of the imagination here!

the original chilli is here!

mayola, peas, mashed tofu and uncle bens chilli sauce, soo great, the rest of my family used the chilli sauce mix with real mince, i like to sometimes feel apart of the evening meal by having somthing simmilar

a few things ive gotten recently.
this old lady i knew gave me this vintage harrods writing notlett set :) its beautiful

this seahorse necklace i bought at romsey show last weekend is the inspiration behind my next tattoo ;) (to be continued)

do you eat the same foods as the rest of your family?
do you cook your own?
what do your family think of the foods you choose to consume?


Mitri said...

I'm so happy you commented on my blog so that I found yours :) I love how colorful and healthy your eats are! Definitely gave me a lot of good ideas because I cook on my own and don't eat the same as my family. I'm vegetarian (was vegan for awhile, but now eat some dairy/egg), but my family isn't. In the past, my mom was against the way I eat because she didn't think I would get all the nutrients I need. But now she is fine :)

How is working at a bakery? Sometimes I think, once I finish college, I'd like to do that. Or maybe as part-time.

wow, long comment.

whatwouldldo said...

wow, your food looks delicious and healthy! very inspiring.

& by the way, you are gorgeous!

L. x

mariarose said...

omg I love plantain :]
this is such a cool blog!

~Jessica~ said...

Beautiful eats!

I eat totally differently from my Mum has her own ED to deal with and my Dad compensates for any animals I might save by being vegan via consuming every living creature and by-product under the sun. He eats meat, meat and more meat...and occasionally cheese and fish. Mum= tolerant, Dad=less so...he's not a fan of veganism/vegans but that's fine because I'm not a fan of him ;)

I second the opinion that you are gorgeous.


nourishing mornings said...

hey lovie. amazing eats :) love all the plantains and yummy tofu dishes, i must try plantains soon they always look so good when blog people make them!
well i usually cook for myself, along with maya...but lately since i am on weight gain mom has been supervising us in the kitchen and helping us, but its just the 3 of us together, and she makes sure we have the right amounts of everything and dont skimp...i am vegetarian, but i barely eat cheese, i used to eat soy cheese but not anymore...and i dont eat eggs or mom supports it, but wishes i ate eggs and cheese because it would probably make it easier to reach my cal goal and she thinks eggs are healthy and nutritious...and she says i should prob eat more condensed foods like instead of so many damn nuts and fruits, which i like but... prob more filling...idk w/e haha
and my dad ugh w/e who knows lol i barely see him...
anyways love this post, and love you darling and thank you for such a sweet comment this morning on my post :)


Maya said...

love all ur eats! plantains look so good! such healthy meals!

i am a veggie, and my mom (since i live with just her and eliza and my 15 year old bro on the weekends) well my mom supports my vegetarianism, she used to be a veg when she was in her 20's...but now my mom wishes i would eat cheese and eggs and my Dad is always like "u used to love fish!???" lol...but i feel like my body reacts better with eating the way i do(when i eat healthy and nourishing my body) but id be open to eggs (perhaps) i guess since i am on weight gain *sigh* i should eat more things like cheese i dont know...perhaps..okay. i am rambling lol...but yes i cook for myself but as i am typing i hear my mom cutting squash in the kitchen and ed is freakin out. i am so controlling and must make my own food.but a goal is to give up that ed driven control and trust.

love you
and ur amazing
and thank you so much for the lovely comment today on my post
all my love sent ur way


jibbalibba said...

I do love alice in wonderland i can't wait to see the movie, not out yet in Australia but it lots amazing nothing could bet the original though.

My family eats the same things as me for the evening meal, that was a huge step for me in my recovery for anorexia but now i eat the same meal, with a few added weight gain extras.

My parents do have things against the rigidness i have around food and wish i just could eat anytime without having to be planned but at the moment its the only way i can get enough in so i am working on that but hey every step is a step closer to recovery.

as for your seahorse necklace=beautiful, so so so lovely

Take care

Devan Geselle. N said...

I love your blog :)
your eats look Soo soo yummy! how do you make your braised tofu? or did you buy it?

I do cook for myself, mainly. I am a vegan.. but am considering eggs being added to my diet for more protien.. still in the thought process. could be good for reaching cals too :( ugh.

i used to eat soy cheese.. but i cant really stand it anymore! haha, too salty. I do make my own "feta" though with tofu :) its SO much better home made

burpandslurp said...

Wow. That is SO cool that you got to visit "Alice"'s grave! Only in the uk!

I don't really eat the same as my family since I don't live with them anyway, but even when I did, I prepared my own as we all have different eating schedules, and my parents are so traditional Korean while I don't really like KOrean food...