Friday, 25 December 2009

christmas love

Sorry girlies about my lack of postage but things my end havnt exacily been none busy, i'm sure your understand :D
With the festive season apon us i desided to make my own cakeee.
I made this for my christmas cake, i was making a traditional one but this gluten free vegan one seemed alot better in my opinion:
eggless carrot cake
It was so nice heated up with abit of soya cream ontop

this looks massive but it wasnt, left abit obviously having to leave room for desert ;)
I used a beany soy cutlet, it worked realy well with my gluten free gravy,roast potatoes/boiled and parsnips :) e.c.t crrrannndberry sauce.

..i may have had abit too much fun with a blow up man.. ;) oioiiii

hope everyone had an amazing dayyyy :D !!!



nourishing mornings said...

merry Christmas girly!
love the photos everything looks amazing and you are stunning!!! :)


Jessie said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog! I love all your Christmas eats--they look amazing!