Friday, 1 January 2010

As the decorations come down...

And its time to start the new year everyone is so full of things they plan to do..

including me :)

1) Visit atleast one new country
2) Go out more and meet new people
3) Leave my job and get a new one.
4) Sell some more art.
5) Get a decent boyfriend

(yerning over a guy for 4 months has made me realy down)
and 6!!! ENJOY MSELF

What are yours??

Look at these yummy vegan treas from my boss :)
she remebered how i said how i got anoyed how normaly i get milk chocolate and i have to give it away
and she said that i didnt have to give this away :D!

lovely friend Stevie bought me a vegan cook book for christmas :)

(as well as a beautiful purple scarf as he knows how much i love purple)
and so ive used this book a few times noww :)

firstly i tryed making theses babies:

which are walnut brownies, but i made them into balls.
they tasted nice but a bit dry as i left them in until hard.

BUT i tried again.. but this time with choc chip vegan cookies,
the key was this time to take them out of the oven whilst still soft

these went down very well with my mother ;)

HEY! isnt one missing here..

... this would be my mums boyfriend picking one up whilst my back is turned grabbing my camra.. sneaaaakyyy!

cant forget boxing day bubble and squeak can wee ;) with a lovely dolop of crandberry sauce

and who dosnt enjoy christmas with a light game of scrabble, some chilli brown rice and paprika tofu?

gluten free pear pancakes!! im not going to go into detail about them il just leave you with the image ;D

Its not all been about food with me though.. never is! ;D
as ART is the true love of my life.. sorry pancakes, u were alright..
but compaired to empty canvas's a sketch pad and my camra its nothinggg :D

I'l post some of my new pictures ive drawn next time :)

......... lets not go into new years .....
il just leave u with images of my sister before she vanished into the hot tub... :D aha
only in englanddd

.. my pictures are not for show haha....eeeek


Jessie said...

Ha ha--love your pictures of your sis! It looks like the kind of thing that goes on in my family! I've given up on resolutions this year (since I always seem to end up failing at them and feeling bad) but I do like your goals. I would love to visit a new country this year--I love traveling and it's the one thing that my ED has really stopped me from doing.

Happy New Year!

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

1. Love your goals... especially the travel one!

2. That cookbook is one of my faves, yummmmmmm

3. Hahaha on your sis, that made my day!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by your blog --- ;)

I love the pic with your sister...I only saw this kind of hat in the Simpson TV show xD

Yummy chocolates...your boss is great!

Your vegan cookies looks deslish, by the way!

Happy 2010!