Monday, 7 July 2008

6&7th July

chickpea curry puffs

I used this which i buy weekly (nearly) from my local tescos "free-from" shelf.
I rolled out some "jus rol puff pastry" an placed a few spoonfuls of the curry into the centre, i presse down the sides an baked for 30mins, it was yummy! i tryed not to think of how fatty it probily was.. being pastry... ah well it was reallly thinly rolled so its ok ;D haha as u can see it exploaded abit out the front.. bad pressing down by me!

6th July, carrot and coriander vegan sausages

vegan Wicken Fen Carrot and Coriander sausages from Waitrose and vegan mayoo from tescos
was yummy quite filling with all the other stuff :)(asparagus,grilled tomatoes and chestnut mushrooms, salad and tuna)

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Emma said...


It is great for me to meet another Brit vegan too! I LOVE the tesco free from shelf! I have never tried that spinach and chickpea thing. I am sure it is tasty and it is a great idea to put it inside pastry : )

I will have to give those sausages a go from waitrose- they sound yum!

Also- I love those bags that you made. You are obviously so creatively talented- I will definitely be a regular visitor to your blog from now on!