Saturday, 12 July 2008

cereal time!

I must say.. on my quest to find a new yummy cereal i think i may have found one :)
I usualy, to be compleatly honest have readybrek with water and maybe some fresh fruit cut up inside, after microwaved ofcourse! as im more of a hot cereal person, cold bowls of cereal arnt as appealing for me....

but anyway, wilst looking in my local tescos (i swear i should set up camp on the toilet roll section and live here seing as i seem to spend all my time in food shops :p) I discovered ....

EnviroKidz Organic Gorilla Munch 284g

Organic corn meal, organic evaporated cane juice, sea salt.

It was about £2.49 i think.. in the "free from section", its sweet and morish which im not realy used too as most my breakfasts arnt sweet realy because i feel guilty, but i figure this being organic that its ok :p

after addin the milk i leave it abit because i like the ball thingys to absorbe abit of milk otherwise its too crunchy for me, im not a crunchy cereal person
it does actualy get abit overpowering neer the end but i think thats because its sweet and im not used to it. butttt overall its realy yummy and makes a nice change :) cant beleive ive run out though!. Im going to try some diffrent ones soon, apparently theres a peanut butter one!.. i will keep searching.. going into lymington today and im sure that there will be things i can post later from my finds :p

im well and truly back!

ohh btw....

"Capers" italian resturant/pizza place in hampshire is vegan friendly! my first pizza in about 8 months! i was realy happy haha sorry i dont have a pic because by the time we got it home i was starving and ate it all!

It came as a pizza platter(half pizza) with salad, which i didnt eat because it was covered in some sort of runny couslaw, chargrilled medetranian vegtables on a tomato base, no cheese, i sprinkled vegan parmazan cheese ontop and finished it off with egg free mayo and cherries

yum yum :D

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