Wednesday, 30 July 2008

"Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man"

Ive been baking alot this week! my mum put on 3lbs hah and i havnt.. even thought i ate all of the battleship-ant-sponge cake :S weird but amazing ;D

These cupcakes were made for my sister kim :D she dosnt like jam sponge type cakes so she couldnt have any of my other cake i made this week (talk about that one in a min!) but she loves my "buttercream" fillings, so i ecided to bake a small batch of 8 dark chocolate cupcakes with vegan buttercream filling.
I baked them for 18 mins and then cut a circle from the top and placed some buttercream in the hole, I then placed the circle i removed lightly back ontop, coating the top with a thin layer of vegan chocolate spread and a section of vegan chocolate flake. finally i dusted them with icing sugar and presented them to my family for our garden picnic ^^ they went down realy well with everyone :D which is always good!
" Cocoa flakey-bakey cakes "

This is " Battleship-Ant sponge cake " I gave it a weird name because its a sponge made with egg replacers, strawberry jam on the bottom layer, a layer of vegan vanilla buttercream, i chucked a few raisins ontop of this to make i duno? i just wanted to (there the "ants" in the name)and on the top layer i spread blackcurrent jam, it all went together amazingly :D kind of like eating a big scone realy, i ate pretty much the whole cake in 24 hours.. infact... i did opzi ^^ well minus the 2 pieces my mum ate. there wasnt enough time for her to eat anymore before i made it vanish. I called it battleship because it was like the "ants" were drowing in the buttercream sea and the jams the blood and the spondge is the ship haha abit weird but i think its cute :D

because i lost my victoria spondge tin (sob!) i used a bread dish and so it didnt rise as big as i wanted and stuck abit, hence why i had to cut it up to get it out :( ah well it turned out oki in the end and its so nice knowing i can actually eat these cakes because they have no products in!

before baking, after baking

ANDDD finally (sorry i dont meen to send u to sleep with all this rubbish!)

I made a german lentil hotpot, just latly ive been making new meals an last night i combined a tofu sausage which i got from waitrose and a can of lentil vege hotpot from tescos, i mixed it up and covered it with mashed white and sweet potatoes and baked it for 15-20 mins, even my meateating mother who hates anything vege liked it :) and so scorrrrrreee haha xoxox

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Emma said...

yummy cakes- wanna send me a piece? ; )

yeah larabars are actually more filling than their size would have you believe! I don't find they fill me up for ages but they keep me going for a couple of hours. I think it is the healthy fats in the nuts that are satisfying for a hungry belly : ) Let me know what you think of them!