Sunday, 3 August 2008

byebye dinner

Today was my goodbye dinner with my family, from tomorrow (monday) im going into huntercombe house in maidenhead (neer heathrow) to help me gain abit of weight, im actually doing realy well at home but aparently im not gaining fast enough so im having to go and be fed dairy,eggs and meat for a month to fatten up , its going to be hell : they better let me have my vegan food!

for desert i made cherry pie with alpro soya custard which was realy yummy! and i had sweedish glace icecream aswell :D

i should be able to blog still (?) and hopfully il be back weekends but i doubt for the first weekend tbh, il blog what im eating at the centre, im going to miss making my own cakes and buiscits!!

I bought both these bars for my trip up to the clinic, i dont know if im going to be able to eat them there.. but its always good to take snacks, il blog what i think of them! i reallllly want to try the nut bar. il speak to you all soon :) hopfullly in a few days xoxox


Emma said...


Awww best of luck at the centre. That pie looks really good and I bet it was soo tasty with Alpro custard (I ate a whole container yesterday I just cut open the container and grabbed a spoon ; )). Swedish glace is damn tasty too!

At least you can still eat vegan food on the weekends! It is most important that you do what is best for your health so you mustn't feel bad about not being able to eat vegan food while trying to gain weight.

I used to eat the Nakd bars a lot. I tend to prefer trek bars now. If you like the 'berry cheeky' bar I recommend trying the trek onethe mixed berry trek bar (it's my fave)

I am really enjoying my clif builders bars too- I ate a peanut butter one today that tasted just like snickers, it was great! I sooo wish they sold them in this country : (

Anyway if you want to email me for a chat any time my email is

Emma said...

Yeah I was excited to see te mix too! The heath food shop is not that near me so I can't always get there too often but I try to load up on goodies whenever I do get the chance to go!

I know what you mean about online ordering but vegnessentials is a really secure site and you can pay via paypal, which helps protect your money.

You can buy white chocolate in this country actually. They have this bar is a few places :

You can also orer nline from (also a really secure site).

Ordering from was expensive. It cost 10 quid for shipping! They also don't tell you the shipping costs until after you have made you order because it is based on the weight on the items. (You can cancel your order though)

I don't think it is odd that you haven't told your friends. Health is a really personal issue and you only have to tell people what you are comfortable with. The main thing is that you are gonna get better! : )

Oh and I don't have msn any more- sorry!

Vaala said...

Hi, I just found your blog and thought I'd say hi.

I don't know what you're going to the centre for but I do know they can be scary places having spent a lot of time at one a few years ago. My experience saved my life but it felt like hell at the time.

Good luck with your journey :)