Thursday, 24 July 2008

tea time!

just a few days dinners, i unfortuntly didnt take a picture of my mushroom burger with soya cheese that actually melted! but next time i have one i will!
first off is my pizza, it was made using organic spelt flour pizza bases that i bought from my local health food shop, i covered it with tomato pastasauce, soya cheese slice cut up, mixed vegtables/salad and vegan mayo. it was lovely, i polished off the whole thing aswell as a bowl of strawberries and soya yoghut, it wasnt realy har to eat like normal pizza bases were its thick, it was thin and good!

This was tonights dinner, i was extreamly full but managed to finish off the plate in the end

It was tofu stuffed ravioli and i was abit unsure what it was going to be like, it cost me over 5 pounds and so i was hoping it was worth it, it tasted just like ravioli used too, which was abit scary, I found it realy nice and defently would buy it again!
I had it with boiled potatoes, salad and vegan mayo.

You can see from the picture that we ate outside on the picnic table, as its been a beautiful hot day, in the backgrounmd is my mums hand and my sisters dinner plate (they both had chicken drumsticks and thighs which my sister made into kebabes.. my food looks better ;D haha)

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Emma said...

mmm pasta and piza= yum!

Methinks I might have to give that ravioli a try. I have always tried to resist buying it as it is expensive but I think I might just go for it and treat myself!

: )