Saturday, 19 July 2008


Dairy free chocolate cake for my sisters 15th birthay (on the 18th july)
only problem is it has two eggs in.. :( but as im 6 stone 6/7 lbs and im seposed to be putting on a pound a week to get to a healthy weight im not too bothered about eating some egg because it will probily help.. for the time being anyway.

I searched many vegan cake recipes and tryed one the day before but unfortuntly it died haha and didnt rise or anything so i gave in and made one with eggs.
i replaced the milk with soya milk an marg with vegan marg in the recipe but it has soo much oil in eeeek :/ ive eaten so much of it though its soo good but realy sweet..
170g flour
2 tbsp. cocoa power
2 tsp. baking powder
2 pinches salt
200g sugar
1 tbsp. vanilla essence
1/2 cup soya milk (could use water-i used soya milk)
1/2 cup oil (i used sunflower oil)
2 eggs (egg replacer if making vegan version-i used eggs)

prehead oven to 180 deg c (gas mark 4 or 350 deg F)
grease a 9 inch tin
mix flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, salt, sugar and vanilla essence in a bowl.add soya milk, sunflower oil and eggs.
mix everything together untill smooth, either by hand or an electic mixer at a slow speed.
bake in tin for about 35/40 mins- mine took around 38 mins to cook.
after cake has cooled cut through the middle and cover bottom layer with filling.
Ice top with chocolate icing made with melted dark chocolate.
Filling made by mixing soya marg,melted choc and icing sugar.

This is my sister cutting it open! but i was the only one to actually eat it last night (everyone was major full from the indian/chinese takeaway we ate for dinner- i had veg curry with mushroom veg rice and chinese pineapple fried rice, eww calories but still it was vegan i think? hopeeeeee)

I also bought some things from the shops while mum an her boyfriend took my sister into costa for a coffee and some buns (i didnt have eather)

*organic Spelt flour pizza bases
*organic peanut and choc butter
*waitrose vegan pizza (roasted veg no cheese)
*vegan cola bottle gummy sweets
*reduced salt soy sauce
* organic three bean chilli
*gluten free tinned organic spaghetti in tomato sauce
*TOFU RAVIOLI!! cost me like 5 quid! owtch but it looks gooodd ;D
and various other bits and bobs including some free mags and free tea samples of "african spice" flavor , they smell amazing!

This is a picture of my fridge now : look at the takeawayyyy ergh, even tho ive been eating it cold >.< the top cake is the vegan one that didnt work (probily will chuck it) the bottom one is the yummy one and the side one is the dairy one my sister took to school for her friends (left overs) basicaly were all going to be well fat after all this cake and stuff

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