Friday, 5 September 2008

bars bars ans BACKKK

i changed hospitals to be closer to home and there having a meeting to see if im aloud to go to collage or not, hopfully!!
IM ON TWO WEEK TRIAL DISCHARGE!! im hoping i wont need to go back so im making sure my weight still goes on! so iv been snacking on a few diffrent barss...

today i tryed that nut bar eventualy seing as i had to leave it at home!
it was quite sweet but not too bad, nice crunchy taste, filled me up :)

I loved the cocanut flavored one more though it was so refershingg

Ive never had a real dairy milkshake before (being lactose intolerant) so these soya milkshakes were yummy! not sickly atall! i bought a chocolate flavored one so hopfully its yummy too :D

The apple pie flavored larabar and the apple pie flavored naked bar both tasted pretty much the same, i think i prefered the larabar as the cinamon flavor was yummy, it tasted like mincepie filling :)

This is a treck bar, peanut and oat flavor, i think its possibily myfav as i love the taste of peanut butter, it was abit like a flapjack, very filling.

I DIDNT! like the blueberry filled bar, i liked fig rolls but seriously this was nothing like it, it was realy hard and stodgy, too stodge for my liking :/ shame because i love blueberries

i also had the cocoa loco and berry cheeky one aswell , the cocoa one aws like a brownie and so nice but i found the berry one got abit sickly after a while :/ ah well
i will be trying more soon :D

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Emma said...

welcome back! I hope that hospital wasn't too bad and best of luck with the weight gain- you can do it!

I am glad to see you're a fan of lara bars and the trek bars. I think my fave trek bar is the berry one but the peanut and oat one is really tasty too!

I look forward to reading more about your yummy eats!