Saturday, 4 October 2008

Its been a while love ;)

BACK!! Il be back to posting my usual finds and trials now :D
i havnt done that much this week but il post more in a couple days now im aloud to cook my own food again. to be honest i have been eating alot of eggs recently to help with my weight gain and i kind of like them.. not sure if im going to stop or not now that my weights healthy again, but just to let u know all my food posted and shown is egg free and vegan :)

These are some wheat free cupcakes i made :) bit boring as i didnt put a topping on, they have dried mixed fruit in or banana chips and i put a gelenine free gummy sweet on top but im abiit slow so i put it in before cooking so obs it sunk to the bottom hehe but they still tasted nice, and like normal cupcakes, i used chickpea flour by the way and some all purpous wheat free flour from doves farm sold at tescos, i also used a packet of bread mix wheat free and gluten free, it came out o.k ovioulsy it was quite thick and abit like a crumpet but it was nice all the same, i tryed toasting it and the colour didnt even change haha but still it was nice with my cereal in the morning :)

This is a wholebake hemp seed carob topped bar i got from my tescoss and ive eaten so many, there quite sweet but not how u would exspect, they also keep you full up for hours!

I bought this from my local health food shop as i was stoking up on all types of fake cheese lol, it was well good, so far ive had it on a wheat free crumpet, pumpkin seeded rye bread and on a toasted wheat free roll ^_^ mmm yummy

This was a mixture of tofu,chopped tomatos, brown rice, chick peas, mixed veg and a hell of a lot of vegan soya sauce from waitrosee, dispite looking gross it was well nice!

Abit too much rice cooked :p i know whats for lunch tomorrow now! hehe

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Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey Girl!!

Thank you soo much for the comment on my blog!! =))

Well,well,that's great you're creating more VEGAN FOOD =DD Actually I'm also a bit underweight and doing VERY WELL with EATING VEGAN FOODS =D

Just try it,you'll feel HEALTHY!!

All the goodies look great =))

Well..if you'd like pls visit my new post!! =DD

Enjoy the time!!