Thursday, 27 November 2008

exams argh

Booked my driving test for 2 weeks :D well excited, only had driving lessons since october so im pretty happy xx

Well its been well busy the last few days, i havn't even been on the internet!
last sunday we went into southampton to do some early christmas shopping.. just because were excited already!! well i am only 17 so its ok ;D
and mum took me into holland and barret and got me some nice things because she "feels sorry for me not havng anything in the house to eat" which is a lie but im not complaining if she wants to buy me stuff :D:D
she got me some new corn & vegetable pasta shapes because i eat pasta like everyday nearly and i love trying out new wheat free versions to varie my diet, i also got my staple (im eating tofu all the time this week aswell, sorry its abit boring for you and i promice next week ima eat somthing else :D but its quick and easy because of my exams!!,chemestry yesterday).. anyway smoked tofu, some rye bread with sunflower seeds in, havnt tryed that one, also some pear and apricot fruit spread because i love the pear and apple one so i gave it ago, and she got my a "healthy" mag... mainly because it has ibs solutions on the front.. it killlls me, and coz it had christmas food ideas in and she was having trouble thinking what to cook me, seing as last year i kinda just ate veg :S.


Its tescos time again! god were spending so much in there at the moment, my cans of beans are closing a bomb :I
anyway, this is my stuff outa it, the rest of the stuff they got was like pizzas, steaks e.c.t lol right! i got..;
Wheat free granola, god its soo good, it feels me up so nicely i love it :) new obsession, was out of it last week so ate porridge with banana (hense all the bananas int he fruit bowl ;D)
Alot of orange juice, with bits ofcourse!
alot of cans of diffrent beans and lentils
Tomato puree cans
Peanut butter
Silken firm tofu
Pepermint and fennel tea
butternut squash
pumpkin seed rye bread
polenta premade ***** anddd
Bob the builder corn and rice pasta shapes :D

These look soo cool, on te website it said i think there were in sauce :/ but there not but its going to be great to use themm.

On saturday last, me and mum popd into co-op to grab some lunch stuff for them and i was having a hungry day and knew a salad wouldnt hold me over and so i bought some of these oat,fruit,banana chip bag which was massive, i know i had stuff simmilar at home but i like trying new stuff, anyway i think your seposed to eat it cold but i heated it up and it was like fruity porridge, well yummy! the pic looks gross though, only because i was halfway through eating it, and thats a pic of it in the box btw :D

These dinner pictures are boring so i wont say what they are, basicaly though theres alot of bbq sauce, spicy lentil sauce, sweet chili sweetcorn dip sauce e.c.t over smoked tofu and diffrent pastas, including my new one ( the shells) to be honest they stuck together and didnt work that well which disipointed me, but still it was good to try it :D
tonight im going to create somthing well cool :D and then some day this week il try out my new bob the builder pastaa :D

These are two books i got from southampton when i was shopping, they were both reduced to £1.50!! seriously lol, so i had to get them, i meen they were priced like 12 pounds and 18 pounds so it was a right bargin ;D ima use them this week for dinner meals!

Backwardss mirror pic :p
aha you can see my fluffy red dressing gown that ive half got on ;D

the next post will totally be better : and not so much blabbing.. and more cool new foods, becauseee mums taking me to this amazing vegan shop in southampton were im going to buy all the stuff ;D also my interview there so maybe i could end up working there.. yayay aha


p.s i realy wana do like a parcel present to like an english person or somthing (so that it dosnt cost me like a million pounds for posting it,, even though i dont know how much it costs?) for christmas, because its realy cool :D


Emma said...


yum eats as always! i am loving the look of the bob the builder pasta- can he fix it? yes he can! haha can't wait to see your meals made with them!

shame about the tesco thingies but they weren't that tasty anyway so don't think you're missing out really!

sweet of your mum to treat you to some goodies- free stuff is always good!

i am totally up for doing an xmas pressie swap of vegan goodies if you fancy it? don't think would be too pricey to send!

cosmicwild said...

aha is it just me or has bob the builder released ANOTHER song? its like stuck in my head all the time >.< hehe

yee i kno i have no idea what im going to do with it but i wanted to make it abit diffrent ^^ wil have to put the thinking cap on!

what did u do with your tofu thingy on christmas day last year?
I bought some braised tofu so i might eat that, or make a vegan nut roast, which could be fun :D im well woffeling now lol

yea that would be awesome :D
what sorta stuff would you put in and stuff like would there be a budjet, aha i lovee things like that i get well into them :D

Emma said...

i had marinated tofu last year- I just marinated a plain bloack of tofu in a little soy sauce and then baked it in the oven so it went nice and crispy on the outside and nice and chewy on the inside. My mum makes all the veggies and stuff vegan (no butter-yay) so I have all of that stuff along with the rest of the fam.

This xmas pressie swap will be fun. Maybe shall we say £10 as the budget? I was thinking maybe it could include some vegan food treats? I am going to a couple of good places where I could pick up some nice stuff for ya! what d'ya think?

anyway hope you're having a fab weekend!

cosmicwild said...

oo that sounds well good! might give it ago this yeaa
yea that sounds good :) ima collect u up a selection of vegan goodies then :D ,is there anything in partiular that u dont like the taste off so il remeber when i have a scout around, might be going to brighton this week and that has tons of good places for things like that :)

yee the weekeneds been nice :p got my cross trainer delivered but iv got a bug so im tucked up in bed :(
hows yours? like the worst weather ever here, hailing and everything!!

Emma said...

yay i'm excited now!

i think that mint is the only thing im not into but apart from that if it's vegan i'll prob love it!

when i'm choosing your goodies i'll make sure i don't get anything that contains wheat yeah? anything you don't like?

have a great time in brighton- i love it there, loads of cool shops and loads of yummy cafes with vegan food. there is this huge fab health food shop there which is amazing!

sorry to hear you have a bug. i hope that you get better soon! the weather here is pretty crappo too. it has been really wet, cold and miserable today but luckily i haven't been outside much!

Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey !!

Sooo much nice stuff you've bought =D Enjoy it all!! And especially the FUN PASTA!! hhah!! =D

Oh your eats look really yummy!! =D And the presentation is also very good Girl!! =DDD

Hey,so you don't want to make a grocery swap with me...since I'm from Poland..???! =P I've just made a swap with a girl from Scotland and she did not pay that much I think...=)) But well,if you don't want to it's ok =D I can fully understand!! =))
Let me know though ok?!

Enjoy your day!!

Emma said...

ah you're such a cutie! i am glad you got into the xmas feel!

i'm gonna try to finish off buying your bits tomorrow and then maybe we can send the pressies off some time next week? exciting!

have you used your bob pasta yet? i wanna see what you make with it!