Sunday, 7 December 2008


Hello there ;)
this week has been a very lazy one at that!
Sorry some of my photos are not that great, my canon needed charging up and i couldnt be bothered! aha so i used my phone camra, its why i waited so long to post.

i had blonde highlights added on monday,even though my hairs actually realy light naturly in person, i tried to take a pic at 5am (when i got up for college) but it was abit too dark :( aha hope u like mybed shirt and fluffy dressing gown loll
I got a few things this week :) chestnut puree which i thought i could marinade my tofu in and then bake for christmas day, for somthing diffrent!
my loveley mummyyyy got me some prebio 7 from Holland and barrett as i commented how i think it might help me (saw it in that healthy mag i got from H&B)
In this meal i had the last of my rice noodles i got a while back :(, brussle sprouts- i love them soo much!!, vegan chicken bits and sticky plumb sauce, it was realy nice.

this is corn pasta whith my nearly every day staple atm.. tofu,chopped massive tomato, lentils and somthing white? think it was buttercup mushrooms which my grandad grows from seeds he got in africam34 years ago!!

This is kind of the same.. a mixture of a ton of diffrent wheat free pastas with a smal tin of chopped tomatos, brussles and tofu triangles that have been soaked in herb melted soya cheese, ok it sounds gross but it was like sooooo gooood, the cheese ooozed ^____^ mmmmm...

This was the first time i had tried silken tofu and to be honest i wasnt that into it :/ i found it fell apart far too much and abit too soft to eat, i like chewynesss of normal tofu.

butternut squash, w.f pasta in spicy sauce and beans.

This is the bob the builder corn pasta i bought! omg it was soo good, like sooo soo good :) well.. not that good.. aha but i liked the diffrent shapes and stuff hehe :D it was fun to have them and it goes with so much stuff. I found it lost its yellow colour after cooking though which was a shame.

this was a polenta chilli i made, it was defently my fav thing of the week abit addictive to be honest, i got the idea from (emma) on her blog which i love :D.

Ive been eating this for lunch recently, as i eat more for lunch when im at home, when im at college i usualy have a salad. I thought it tasted a tad plain for my liking, i think it would work well as a porridge, will have to try it :)

I havnt tried this pasta yet, i got it from waitrose today, its made out of chickpea flour and water, there was one with added egg yokes and one which didnt have egg in, i obviously opted for the egg-free version, going to have like a spaghetti vege bolognase i think or somthing creative.

i also bought some christmas cookie cutters so my next post will have alot of vegan cakes and stuff yay ;D


my cross trainerr that arived :D:D god it took forever to make, it still has a squeak.. need to tune it up.


Sammy said...

:o Omg Bob the Builder Pasta, that's awesome! haha All your dishes look delish.

Emma said...

hey thanks for the shout-out! Your meals all look sooo good, pasta is the perfedt comfort food and so great in this cooold weather!

Shame about the Bob the Buuilder pasta losing its colour (maybe that's something he can't fix- haha!)

Silken tofu isn't so good in savory dishes I find (although I like scrambling it with crunchy veggies sometimes). It is best for desserts though. Here is my fave recipe using it (like a choc cheesecake):

By the way I finished getting your xmas goodies yesterday so I can post them whenever ya like!

Emma said...

No dessert in ages- yeah you defo have to change that!

No that's totally cool that you will wait till xmas day- I will too!

I'll send you my address via facebook. Can you send me yours either via facebook or via email?

Pumpkin puree is literally like 'smuched up' pumpkin so it doesn't ahve anything added to it. It is kinda sweet, but only coz pumpkin is naturally quite sweet. I really like it and cannot wait to make my pie! Wish I could post you a slice!

Anyway speak to you soon! : )

Emma said...

Hey I think your package came today but unfortunately it didn't get delivered because postage was 15p short- silly postman!

Anyway I have to go and collect it tomorrow morning so will let you know for definite then!

Hope you are having a good day!

Emma said...

hey-I got your package!!!

I am saving the pressies but I opened the card and got the lovely tea bug- it is soooooo cute I love it!

Can't wait till it's time to open the rest on xmas day- it will be the first thing i do on xmas day!

I'm so glad we did this little swap and so pleased that I have got to know you through your blog- I hope you like your pressies and have the best xmas ever!!