Thursday, 20 November 2008

i think i live on tofu

wel the tofu queen :D:D ;D

Alot of my pics look abit fuzzy but its not, its actually the steam comming off the food ( i like my food soooooo hot) and i always take a pic right before i eat it :D
I know my meals look quite big, expeshially since i have like pasta with polenta.. but its coz i dont eat much at lunch and i love a massive dinner.

sorry if my food all looks the same :/ i get into food ruts were i eat the same all the time because ites easier exspeshially since at the moment im doing my exams and i dont have much time to do anything! even blog arhgg

This is like some sort of tofu and brown rice mixture, it has spinach, runner beans, asparagus, carrots and polenta in it, simple but it was goood:D
by the way like all my meals i add a ton of egg free mayo on to after but i take a pic before i kill the food with it lol, im just abit addicted.

Tomato crusted tofu- covered the tofu in tomato purree and breaded it in wheat/gluten free bread crumbs and baked in the oven, served with lentil/carrot and pea mixture,polenta and vegetable rice pasta

This is crumbled tofu with stir fry mix and vegan sweet and sour sauce.

This is bbq tofu trinagles on thick rice noodles, chickpeas and alot of other crap but its goood and the best ive had ever.

This is the same stir fry mix with thin rice noodles from tescoss and black beans and mixed brocoli and carrots in a home made tomato sauce.

this is cubed tofu in chunky bbq brown bean sauce,home made- on a bed of quiona with mixed vegetables on the side with roasted butternut squash "chips"

this is a tomato and fake egg sauce that i had over my corn pasta, chickpeas, soy sauce incrusted polenta chunks, tofu slices and spinachh ;D

Before sauce**

after sauce**

this is brown rice with kidney beans/ water chestnuts/tomatos over rice, i added veg to it after.


these are some meals i havnt been able to take a pic of because they were too damn yummy yaay lol, anoying because its always the meals that look and taste the best :(

orange 'la tofu- stuffed tofu with orange and lemon, i grated the zest on the top and baked, i grated the rest of the zest onto my rice and mushroom balls that i had with it (hand made)
stuffed acorn squah- i stuffed it with red rice and wild rice tofu mixture, i baked it and sereved it with mixed sweetcorn and runnerbeans.

This is new corn pasta i bought, it tastes realy good actually but made me quite bloated and full, more than rice vegetable pasta does.

(thats it dry in the box)


Agnesss =) said...

Heyyy heyy!! =))

Ohhh!!! Such AMAZZZING FOOD photos you have here,Girl!! That's absolutely YUMMY-licious looking!! =D

Oh,and those MUSHROOM BALLS (unpictured!!) sound REALLY INTERESTING!! How di you make them..?? =))

Enjoy your day!!

Sammy said...

Yum, all your tofu dishes look amazing! I've seen that corn pasta too, and wondered about it.

Emma said...

yummy! tofu is great in so many different dishes- definitely a great staple!

I ate tofu for my xmas dinner last year- think I might have tofu again this year (not sure what I fancy donig with it yet though!)