Sunday, 2 November 2008

foody food food foooddd


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I've spent quite alot on food the last couple of day to be honest.
Its been my half term from college and i havnt been doing that well with my eating disorder, been pretty upset because ive just been sat at home all day not feeling well enough to go out and kinda binging on cereal and anything realy, i know it dosnt sound "terrible" but if u eat enough of anything u get extreamly bloated and feel crap about yourself, well i know i do but im working on being back to normal next week when im back into my college :)
haha sorry about my little moan.. on with the foodies!x!x!x!

shopping trip #1

this was my tescos shop, minus stuff like my tofu that was still in the fridge or freezer and the chickpea can i had already opened (and spinach bag)
*butternut squash,
*ready made polenta (this is like a stable with me as i cant eat potato)
*yeast free vege stock clubes, vegan/wheatfree/dairyfree/vegan e.c.t
*cans of diffrent types of beans and lentils
*diffrent bars- all vegan apart from one of the eat natual bars ( i gave it to my mum for work)
*new type of rye bread
*rice noodles
*two min oats :P (cheaterrrr) x2 plain and berry one
* dairy free caramel desert yogzz
* alpro soya yogzz
*peanut butter
*choc flaovor soya milkshake
If i didnt buy this then my mum would forget about me and just buy meat for everyone else and il be on a plate of veges everynight :/
I used the oats at breakie :D

This is plain porridge with soy milk, a pear and a baby spoon of peanut butter, i had it with a large glass of red grape and cherry juice and a slice of rye toast with fake cream cheese.

This was my special hallowe'en dinner i made for my mum and sister :P
I made a roasted med. pizza on a wholewheat crust, it has cheeze on top of it (tryed to get mum into the vegan feeallll:P) my sister unlike her wanted a thick white pizza base with no tomato base...and a ton of ham and cheese.. il never convince her lol even though i did manage to give her some raw carrot slices.
my plate was butternut squash with tofu, roasted pumpkin seeds, cabbage, spinach and various other things, i added vegan mayo on it (in the massvie tub next to me)
the drinks in my wine glass is actually cherry juice aha because i dont drink :)
i finished off making vegan garlic bread for my family ( i didnt have any though as im alergic to garlic and wheat e.c.t)
hehe i made a hallowe'en menu aswell ^__^

This was my vegan day! dinner :) i ate beech smoked tofu with a pumpkin, rice, mushroom and salad and polenta :) a few dashes of vegan soy sauce and its done :D it was very tasty actually, will be buying that tofu again!!
I went shopping in eastleigh yesterday while mum went into work for abit and got a few things to eat for teaaa, things i obviously hadnt tryed before... including ;D

**braised tofu- yet to try it

**plum baby spinach,parsnip and basil pots( yes i know there for babies but there actually realy nice for dipping rye bread in and they come in pots so easy to carry... please dont judge meee :D

i got some of these

there blueberry soy yogzz, iv never tryed them before so i got them and had them with my usual dried fruit and banana chips for pudding, i did not like them with it :( it didnt seem right, they might be ok on there own though? bit dissipointed, aswell as some awesome rice noodels in a tescos i havnt been in before, obs im getting anything noodle-y which disnt have gluten in because i miss pasta soo bad :( grr
anyway im stopping now because ive typed far too much :D untill next time!


Emma said...

Yummmy food! That looks like a great meal you made for yourself! I love polenta!

Mmm let me know what you think of those blueberry yoghurts, they sound good!

Hope things are better with your ED this week- stay strong, you can do it! : )
Feel free to email me if you want to rant/chat about it or anything else on your mind though-

VeggieGirl said...

So much deliciousness!!

fitneat said...

Wow! You spent a lot of money on healthy food! Looks delicious!

Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey!!

Looks great everything here =)) And IT"S SOO COOL you made a special HALLOWEEN MENU!!! Just try to convince your family from day to day more and more...hah!! =)) I HAVE CONVINCED MY PARENTS and they ARE VEGAN FOR about a YEAR NOW!! =DD Keep it going!!

Well...the Alpro Yoghurts...I used to eat them in the past and.. I think..well..they're ok..but nothing special to me... I prefer doing my own pudding from nuts and fruit etc. =DD

It would be great to write emails with you =)) would you like to?? Here's mine:

I hope to see you on my new post today =)) Will be great!!

Have a good time!!

Sammy said...

Hey your blog's great. I was in the UK over the summer...loved it there.