Tuesday, 28 October 2008


borrowing a copy from my friend lotty :D so hopfuly so cool recipes to be madeee,
(ignore how i look btw, it was half 6am getting realy for college)
I can quite happily say that porridge (or oatmeal to you americans :D) realy does fill me up! ive had it quite alot recently for breakfast.
thismorning i cheated though and got one of quakers oat sachets which comes with dried berries e.c.t in it. i made this and added a dried fig into it and a sp of peanut butter for extra yummyness.
with this i usualy have a slice of pumpkin seed rye bread that my mum gets from tescoss for me :D seing as im alergic to wheat i cant eat normal bread.. and making it is abit of a chore sometimes.

This is my dinner for last night :) it was quorn beef style pieces in a bbq and sticky plum sauce which was a mixture of two diffrent shop bought ones.. i havnt mastered making ones yet as i cant eat garlic or onion as it does agree with me :( grr
this is with trecoloured rice pasta, sweetcorn and mixed vegtables, i placed in sliced baby tomoatos in with the quorn and sauce to give it more depth, overall it was realy nice but unfortuntly i get realy ill when i eat quorn and my stomach realy hunts even now like hourss later, which is anoying because i just bought a pack of quorn mince and chicken style bits :( i was looking forward to eating it aswel, i thought that maybe after time i could eat it again >.<

im back to regular updating now :D so il speak to you sooon
xox pea


Agnesss =) said...

Hey Girl!!

Great!! I've got VEGANOMICON too =)) It's FULL of great inspirations!!! Can't wait to see yours!! =D

Hah..well..I thought I am allergic to wheat..but actually it was a failure...!! hah..DID YOU MAKE ALLERGY TESTS..?? =))

Well...hope to see another post from you here soon =))

And...I'll be SOO happy to see a comment from you again on my posts =)) will be great!! =))

Have a great time!!

Emma said...


I used to eat lots of quorn before I went vegan!

I now eat a lot of realeat stuff- they do chicken-style pieces and mince. You might find them easier to digest maybe? You can buy the mince in vegetarian frozen section in Tesco but the pieces I think you can only get in Holland and Barrett.

You can also get them online here:

I went to Wholefoods in London yesterday- if you ever get the chance to get there it is amazing! They have everything you could possibly want there food-wise! I could have spent soooo much money there haha!