Saturday, 3 January 2009

sorry :( there was a deathhh

Sorry for my lack of posts!my mate died last week and its been abit hectic since then :/
This last week ive had two days where i had friends over for a cooked lunch, just because we could realy, i never seem to go to lesssons when these two are around :p bad influence i think hehe
anyway first day i made them a vegan curry by using a can of chickpea curry, which ive blogged about a long time ago, its like free of everything!, i cooked it with soy mince and served it with pilau rice :) it went down well aha, i ate this with Liam and vickie :)

This secound meal was soy chicken meal with vegan korma sauce, vickie is in the process of turning vegan :D, shes also wheat free so its handy when were out and stuff to grab food together, plus she knows w/e she easts here it will be vegan wheat free which is good for her as her mum is pretty much just serving her jacket potatos at home!
i served this with popadoms and rice, we had white and brown rice as we ran out of brown rice half way though, the chips vickie and my sister kibby shaired with there korma, i didnt have anyy obviously.
Its lacking abit in the vegge department.. but for tea i had tons of them so it kinda made up for it :). kibby actually ate this which was good for me as she never touches anything "vegan".. like just to make a point,, silly realy but atleast she admitted she liked it aha.

wooow im well woffeling now ;D

This is a sepreated stir fry with soy chicken bits (was using them up!) and cabbage, the rice noodles had chilli flakes in to make them taste better, it had a cashew dressing on by the way.

I used a vegan, everything free.e.c.t vege stock cube for this next dinner meal, it was runner beans and carrot with wheat free vegan turkey slices :O i got them from my health food shop and omg they are soo good,dont think its anything like turkey though..thankfully ;D but i had this with nice noodles (im out of pasta :O) it made it taste abit like super noodles from my pre vegan days, but i kinda liked that, it gave it a nice twanggggg

O.M.G i tried this hot pepper sauce that english vegan (emma) has tried a few times,(in above dishes) i dont like to like keep nicking peoples ideas.. but it realy made me want to try it and so i did.. silly me tipped on 3/4 of the bottle on my food : when i was eating it it made like a million tears run down my face it was soooooooo hot, not doing that again!! , but me loving to try stuff bought the mago version which was mild. it smelt like sweet and sour sauce and this was much nicer infact i want some right now :D:D. i tried in on a few of these meals.

this was tofu caramalized in the mago sauce. AMAZINGGG

i tried these soya bacon stle chunks, they were amazinggg.. iv had them in vegan mac and cheeze it totaly the best ;D

i had an amazing package from emma to open christmas dayy:D i was sooo excited to be honest!! i got the yummiest of things (tooka pic)
i was like yaaaaay when it came to my housee :P
so far ive had some of my oat cakey thingys with my lunch and some of the chocolate buttons :) they were nice in my fruity salad i had.
thankyou soooo much xxxxx

theres two pics of my dinners for christmas day and boxing day.. kinda the same but i had christmas dinner at my grandparents and boxing day "secound day" dinner at my house with my mum, youngest sister and my mums boyfriend, as he was working christmas dayy.
My other siblings are all abroud as im not origonly from the uk so same goes with the rest of my fam so it was pretty quiet.. but nice.. didnt feel like christmas tbh!!

for the dinner i had tofu (suprise supris ;P ) but i stuffed it with herbed chstnut puree..which was like amazing.. then baked it, i used smoked tofu to get a better flaovor. was totaly the nicest thing ive had and the whole time everyone commented on how nice it looked :D.. my mum even nicked a bite!
for desert..even though i was stuffed!.. was christmas though.. was a fruit salad with alpro soya plain yoghurt with agar nectar, cinnamon and chocolate buttons.. ive been eating it for lunch alot as well :D:D why the hell not lolz

This is boxing day dinner. kinda the same but diffrent if u get me.. this is the stuffed tofu before it got cooked btw, also in the pic is falafal- gluten free that i bought to make and try.. the garlic and onion like killed me.. but it was nice to have somthing new for once :) i had it with a homemade tomato sauce, i was guna have it with noodles as a spaghetti bolognase but i got lazyyy.


Emma said...


I am so sorry to hear about your friend. That must be so hard to deal with.

I am glad you have been enjoying tasty food though! Your xmas dinner looks amazing- I totally understand why you had it twice! I was sooo lazy with my xmas meal but it was yummy at least!

That sauce s really spicy isn't it? Don't worry about nicking ideas- I'm just happy that you are enjoying tasty food! I will look out for the mango sauce- sounds yum!

Keep enjoying the goodies, I had my fruit flapjack you got me today- it was v yum!

Sammy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, so young. The dinner you made your friends looks incredible!