Thursday, 22 January 2009


Hello all :)
sorry i havn't been posting much latly.. not that many people look but its all good:D , it's been abit stressful and i've been off college for abit being ill :(
i've had 2 driving tests and failed them both grr but only 6 fults on both! and i tapped the curb on both ones... anoying.
Ive spent alot of time with my boyfriend this last week so i dont have many food pics, this is because my bf, my sisters bf and her (my bfs best friend is seing my sister lol!) have all been eating chips and chocolate and no time for real food, even though david tried to go vegan for me :D and his fav veg is brussel sprouts.. just like mee :D its loveee haha,
actually.. i dont think iv ever showed you a picture of us together? haha well weird, il post one next time :D xx

anyway sorry there isnt many food pics, i promice there will be soon though.

I've tried to get away from just having tofu all the time and the cubards being bare was a great way to help me do this.. as i get in food ruts, as does everyone! this was because i actually had alot of cool things in there to eat but didnt get round to it.

This is a chickpea curry (i mentioned before how ive used the cans from the free from section, i dont think there selling them in my local tescos anymore :[ )
I added peas to it to give it more volume, i think everything looks bare without tofu ahah, and brown rice, it was realy nice.

I had this for lunch the other day, it was realy filling and had a great flavor, i bought it from tescos in the organic section, "seeds of change" curried butternut squash and lentil soup, i just bought the bean one so hopfully that will be as good :) il blog on it next time. its funny because it seemed to change colour once i tipped it into the bowl.

This is braised tofu that i picked up in holland and barrett ages ago, i never realy got round to eating it and now im thinking OMG WHY NOT because it was amazing, the flavor and texture was so good and diffrent from what i was expecting or used too, it worked realy well with my nice noodles,mushroom,spinach,pea + veg stir fry :D yummy.

I used the same mushroom stirfry mix the next night aswell, minus the spinach, peas and rice noodles, i used some new pasta i got from tescos, it was made of corn and maize from doves farm, i think it might be my fave wheat free pasta to date!!!!!

by the way **** ive been addding them bacon fake bits and herbs to everything ive eaten this week just thought id add, SOO ADDICTED :D ****

. This is roasted tomatos,butternut squash wedges and asparagus, i love roasting veg because it brings out an amazing flavor to them, i had it with peas and sweetcorn that was cooked with frozen spinach, i lovee veg btw i try to have atleast 7 diffrent types a day >.<>

I will be back soooon :D byee xxxxxx

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Emma said...

Aww sweetie sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I hope that you are feeling a bit better now!

Yummy eats as always. I must try that braised tofu. I always see it in Holland and Barret and think, hmm shall I try it? And then I never do haha!

Wow 7 types of veg in a day? I am so impressed! You must be just brimming with nutrients!