Monday, 9 February 2009

B for branston,broccoli & beans

I just want to start by thankyou you for your comments :) it made me feel so much better! xoxox

haha look at my car the other morning..
i had funn ;D but there was no way i was going anywere yaay lazy day at home,
so i had the boys over and we made a snow man:) it snowed more later so this was nothing compaired but still.. i was excited

I ran out of sauces this week ! *shock*!!*horror*!! !
so i ended up stuffing tofu with branston pickle.. haha what the hell
it actually worked pretty cool, i teamed it with yeast free- everything free stock cube.

this is just crumbled tofu in a tomato sauce on pastaa

I had it right before i went ice skating with david, i did not do well! about 15 mins in i gave up and sat on the side haha

I was set a chalange by my mum to make a meal for once that resembled theres.. haha even though they eat crap all the time i was like FINE!
I made this by chopping polenta into strips and baking it to resemble chips, i think i won ;)
Please excuse the state of this table, it was at one of my sisters ericas flat and she has a beat up old table and no cloth on it today :)

i covered my tofu in a bbq and tomato puree paste and pressed it into gluten free crumbs and then baked it.
It actually tasted so good, soo good infact that i had it the next night!! but i covered this one in only tomato puree. no frying involved!!

OKOOK this meal is weird. when u look in the cute looks abit like jumbled everything.

and to be perfectly honest it kind of was..
I was major tired because david had been there for like 2 days and so i wasnt sleeping properly and at this stage i was so grumpy and hungry that i couldnt even walk to co-op for my usual tofu.
I guess i play it safe too often by living off tofu. haha infact ive even got tofu in my msn addy!! but i realy was lazy so i opened a packet of baked beans, mixed it with carrots, pasta, spinach and brocoli and cooked it up with some spicy sauce added.
suprisingly enough it was hell good.

This was my roast dinner, it was soya cheese,baco type biits and cherry tomato stuffed polenta and tofu with veg. it was realy nice :).. this is me just comparing it to a family members dinner :)


and finaly.. so sorry about all the typing by the way, if you think this is bad im a million times worse in real life, i talk
haha it takes a long time to be able to take in all the information i say ;)
but this is a final pic of my canvas i just finished,
i did it origonly about greek mythology becasue the women they painted were bigger and i wanted proper women with proper thighs on my wall to make me remeber how important it is not to be stick thin.. they turned out not greek at all haha and kinda thinner than i wanted :S duno what happened, they looked greek in the original!!

Ignore my unmade bed thismorning, i only took it like 2 hours ago, you cant realy see the detail in the pic though on the face :/ damn itt

sorry im stopping now i always get carried awayyy

Do any of you have anything your saving up for at the moment?

camcamcamcamcam ;D


fay said...

i loved your comment!! i like people that babble a lillll bit, makes it more like an actual conversation. i do the same when i am typing but i usually try and control myself on blog comments haha.
right lady! your canvas's are so good! how long do they take you? lol thats so funny that you listened to a psycic! are you going to do art at uni eventually then? i don't know what i'm going to do, at the moment i am thinking art/media/retail but i change my mind ALL THE TIME..
i'm glad they have peanut butter in tesco lol. sainsburys need to sort it out. im going to tesco later today because i'm out of bananas and soy milk aswell. i feel like i'm in a crisis situation, out of the three things i eat basically every day!!! ahhhhhh.. you got your pb&co in waitrose??!! iv never seen it anywhere, wow i need to open my eyes more.
im the one babbling now. ill stop :) xxxxx

Helen's Journey said...

Thanks for the comment. I read your blog and love it. It's great to find another vegetarian from the UK. I've recently given up meat, milk and eggs, so am still learning what products to buy and where to buy. Your blog certainly helped me there.

Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey Girl!!!

Great to see a post from you again..I've been away for a loong time and missin your blog =))

Well,well...your meals look yummy-licious =))

ANd your PICTURES...ahhh!! Really AmAZZZING,you're talented,Girl =))

So...where are you going to stay in Germany??? =D

Hope to hear from you

enjoy your day!!

Emma said...

Yummo eats as always!

I love the look of the everything bowl meal. I love it when totally random combos work!

How did you make the polenta like chips? It looks good! I never eat meals like that usually but I need to get out of my stir-fry/ pasta rut!

Love the canvas. You are really talented! Is that other canvas on the wall by you as well? I love the colours on it!

At the mo I am saving up for a new laptop. My current one has a broken keyboard so I have to use another one plugged in with a usb, it's soooo annoying!

By the way thanks for the suggestion with the nakd bar in porridge- I must give it a go!

emily. said...

Thanks for the comment! :)

I would eat your food over your family's any day. Your versions are so much more colorful and, I bet, waaay tastier. Those polenta chips sound delicious too.

Wow! Your artwork is so beautiful! You have some serious talent.

Have a great day. :D