Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Cocoa Woods x

I'm sorry.. this post isnt going to be very foodie.
the reason being is i wrote a book the other day, haha well it is comming up to David's birthday and to go with the other drumming stuff ive got him,
i was getting him some parts for his motorbike but it got nicked on tuesday : hes proper gutted as you can imagine...
anyway i wrote him a story, its kinda a thing between us i guess i duno, to you it might be weird, but we always make up stories and things about giant eagles and talking flowers e.c.t
so i decided to make our own, about us :), it took me about 7 hours i think to do it all in so im quite happy. oh and i added in things hes obsessed with like creme eggs, if you wondered why theres so many sweets names in the story haha.
btw i used my joint first name in this book, if your wondering who sammi is? LOL hope you dont get bored if you do actually read it ;D i tried to make it short but i loooove writing so its hard hhaa.. hence the typing im doing now OMG STOP TYPING.

ALSOOOO*** I know iv got alot of typos and wrong word mistakes in it but pretend u havnt seen it.. obvioulsy my proof reading was not great teehee
I'l fit some food pics into this post aswell, haha check out the sneaky glass of OJ!..complete with jucy bits ofcourse!

This is the making of the book, and the finished outside.

Sorry this meal was boring, i was trying to get my dinner out the way before david came over...
i am still not great at dealing with eating big meals infront of him, i get imbarrised
loook pretty though?

This is usual polenta and tofu stackers, i used a pea, tomato and spinach stuffing for the middles.

This is a better picture of it.. the lighting was pooop.

And that is all so far lovely ladies
bubye xxxxxox

p.s if its not readable.. ishould have just posted it up i have it on word HA!!


Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey Girlie!! =))

I've just read your comment on my blog,thank you for the support, SOOO MUCH!! =D And for the compliments hah =P!!

Well,well...what can I say!!?? I've read your story.. and it's really so AMAZZZZZZZING !!!! Girl,you're talented, in writing stories and in art section!! =DDDD Really use your talent !! Don't let it fly away,dear =) !!

Your book for David looks wonderful,..really I'd looove to get sth like this when I'd be him hah REALLY!! =DDDD
And incorporating all the "food names" made it.......PERFECT and soooo ORIGINAL!!! =D COOOOL!!!

Oh and of cuz the DESIGN of it.. stylish and artsy and original..!! Coolest thing =))

He'll love it FOR SURE =DD

And bout your trip to Germany!!! Yeahh POTSDAM!! It's near the capital of German - BERLIN !! =)))
I've been there and it is really nice !! =)) What are you going to do there?? And how loooong will you stay there..?? =D

I think a MEETUP could REALLY HAPPEN!!!! =DDDD It'd be GREAT!!
Berlin and Potsdam are not that far from me =))

So let me know!! =D
Have you got an email,Girl?? =P

Hope to hear from you soon

enjoy your day with David!! =))

fay said...

omg that book is amazing! your drawings are so good, it must have taken you FOREVER!!! is david your boyfriend? i hope that's not a stupid question lol. if he is, he's a lucky boyfriend! your food looks sooo good too.. tofu queen! xxx

Helen's Journey said...

That is the most amazing present to give to someone. You are so talented. My Dad is great at painting and my Mum at writing, I haven't inherited any of their talent.

Emma said...

Wow you are so creative! David is a lucky guy to get such a great present from you!

I am the same in feeling self-conscious about eating large meals in front of other people. I don't mind in front of my family but I hate doing it in front of friends.

Your meal looked tasty as usual anyway- gotta love poletna!

fay said...

lmao your comment made me laugh so much.. i've tried to be vegan in the past (i can never stick to it though for some reason i start to get REALLY HUNGRY and yogurt is the only thing that will satisfy me?? so weird) anyway i never stopped eating honey though. some vegans do eat it. i think it just depends on YOUR OWN reasons for being vegan, like what your morals are and stuff.. i did research it on google to see how its produced and i think the problem seems to be if bees are exploited in order to produce honey. I DONT KNOW i didn't really research it THAT much hahaha.. maybe i should.. but it's up to you if you eat it! as long as there are no actual bees knees in it..... um.. ming.

flower said...

OMG how cute are you??? That is such a lovely present to give somebody, your drawings are amazing

fay said...

happy valentines day lover! WOO WOO im glad something amazing happened.. i can't wait to hear about it tomorrow. anticipatinnnn definately not hatinnn. lol. yeaaa boiii post more of your art too! id like to see some of your stuff from your art courseee, sketchbooks and final pieces and stuff.. i love looking at other peoples sketchbooks haha. gets the creative juices flowing. and also i am just nosey. smoochies xxxx