Sunday, 15 February 2009

Cabbage love <3

Hello monkey-pies!...
haha dont ask ^^ valentines day was.. say the least, My sister and her boy friend ditched david in town and so at 11pm! my mum drove an hour to pick him up! then he was all depressed and cried! on valentines day! it was ..great fun for me! but it was horrible seing him like that, he was fine after abit though so it was worth it :)

oh yea.. i got 4 dozen red roses delivered to my door!!!
Nop.. not by the boyfriend aha ;)
by this man that has previously propoused to me. no joke! hes well minted and aparently he "fell in love with me" whe he saw me pick up my sister from his pool party once, hes like 29 its wrong haha plus i was 4 stone at the time so its well f**ked up!! my mum is not happy tbh becauses hes proper harrasing me now, hes even like. u and david have to break up by april because your mine blah blah : ergghhghg
thankfuly at the moment hes sailing around the carabeean with some mates and isnt back till april! il deal with him then, ima pot some of his post cards at some point haha there realy odd!!!
also got a card from emily this girl from my youngest sisters school thats in love with mee..
been an odd day !
anyyywayyyyy.... haha getting away from the creepy stalkers topic

This was a sweet and sour fake chicken crumbles that my oldest sister kerry sent me in the postiee, im going to ask her in my next letter were she got them from!
haha we dont talk hardly we just write, its far cooler to get letters than phone calls ^__^..
well i think soo.
anyway..bit distracted there! lol i had it with brown rice, baked parsnip (parsnip is one of my favs, i used to have a pet giant african land snail called parsnip!! :'( she was my babyyy)
with other veg and baby broud beans when were frozen in tescos, i dont actually remeber picking these up? but abviously i did or its them damn fairies again!!

This was weird, i was out of fruit...and like everything! so i decided to have frozen veg and cinnamon in my porrige.. it sounds weird but it actually was realy good, filled me up nicely but i have to say major craving for fruit now because i missed itt.

This is somthing diffrent ive wanted to try for ages now!

two large purple cabbage leaves that i boiled for two minuets to soften, in the mean while i put a scoop of brown rice in the micro and cooked it abit quick,
i then mixed half a packet of silken tofu with a couple baby frozen broad beans and the rice and a tiny bit of bbq sauce,
then split the mixture into the two cabbage leaves and folded them up, i then mixed a spoon of tomato puree with a tiny bit of boiling water and spooned it over the rolls.
then i covered it in foil and baked it for 45mins, i baked carrot and parsnips to go along with it.

omg it was like the nicest thing everr, i know it looks burnt but it wasnt, it was jsujt the colour of the leaves*****

this was a quick eat because i had two slices of marmite on rye toast at 5 and so come 7 i still wasnt hungry gr gr

It was the other half of that silken tofu baked with asparagus, i put the leftover tomato puree on the top before i baked it as well :)

This is the card i made for davey, i just has a simple front of gold and mocha and on the back a mademade envelope with a peice of reed paper with a letter on :)
he loved it.
i will at some point put a piccy up of us!!! maybe i'l take a load on his bday on thursday, hes at band practice at the mo with my sister so ive got time to blogg!

tomorrrow i will post pictures of my valentine dinner, was beautiful!! but havnt uploaded them yet xox


but u know you secretly wanted to know ;)
yea im not realy loving it ;) tofu is still my baybayyy!

now i will leave you with my lovvee and fairy dustt ^____^ ohhh yeaaaaaaahh xxxxx


i'm changing my sername to eather Finn or Fionn

which sounds better

because my names
so does it sound better with Finn or Fionn?


flower said...

Definitly Finn, people may come up with all sorts of weird ways to pronounce Fionn.
Glad you had such a nice Valentines.

Helen's Journey said...

The cabbage rolls look amazing. I will have to borrow that recipe.

Emma said...

That sweet and sour fake chicken crumble dish looks amazing- did you eat it with chopsticks?? I am soooo impressed if you did I could never eat rice with them!

You defo have to ask your sister where she got the fake chicken from, I'd love to try them!

I look forward to seeing your Valentine's Day dinner, I hope it was scrummy!

Kiki said...

Don't worry, you made sense. Thanks for relating to me!

Aaah hope those crazy stalkers leave you alone soon! Speaking of parsnips, this one time, my uncle made parsnip pie. It was not good. The fake chicken stir fry looks very yummy!

Enjoy your Monday!

Emma said...

i know I was sooo lucky with the amazing treats I got in the package- all are totally amazing!

Yeah, you are right tesco do the best stir-fry mixes. I have tried the one with soya beans in, it was really nice and had giger in too, which is always good.

I think my fave are the Chinese-style or the sunshine ones.

Do you want me to send you some pistachio larabars? I can pick some up from my local Sainsbury's and get them in the post to you if you like!

Emma said...

No problemo chicha- wanna do like a snack bar swappy thing?

I will get you some pistcachio larabars! My local SAinsbury's also sells a couple of other flavours I think, are there any flavours that you don't like?

Emma said...

Cool, I will get you a little selection of larabars then yeah?

I have tried quite a few diff bars. My fave ones I think are Trek bars although I don't think that there are any bars that I have tried and not liked really!

I will get your bars in the next few days and get a little package in the post to you!

Hope you've had a nice day!