Friday, 20 February 2009

Roasted Heart?..i mean vegetables anyone?.. :(

NI HAO ! <3

Ok.. i mayy have a tiny weeny bit talked this valentines meal up too much..
but because david made it it was realy nice :) it was quite quick as we were just off out.
This was chickpea,italian vegetable stew "thingy", it was realllly filling and a lovely taste:)!
I think maybe hes been around me making food abit too much..
He used to have bulimia, did u know that?


Oh and david broke up at 3 this morning, my friend kyle called me up and we had a longg 2 hour convo about it, and then i disapeared untill 11am.. my mum wasnt happy but i needed to get out,
I was going to post a massive post about his birthday and his cake he requested i made for him but now it seems kinda pointless because i didnt see him on his bday(19th), his presents are still here and his best friend thinks hes a compleate ****head for it,
I meen i guess we have been together such a long time and it kinda didnt feel the same as it used to, i was more in love with being in love rather than actually in love with him i think.
He banned me from talking to any other guys and checked my phone and emails constently,
yet he was aloud to get away with sleeping with two other girls when he was with me and flirt continiously? im a twat
It was hard coz most my friends are boys so i kinda cut myself away from everyone, and droped pretty much outa college for him.

Im realy going to get everything back on track now :)..going to be weird not having him over on a saturday night though..hmmmm

A couple of these pictures are ones i didnt post up for some reason so i thought i would now :)
roasted cauliflour.

W.F granolaa :) with berries and oat milk.. i think i ate this for lunch one day though?

Original tofu fry fry :)

this was my lunchie one day,looks pretty :) a glumpy way hehe, its fruit and frozen berries with a alpro soy vanilla desert yoghurt ontop :)

This was a simple roasted veg and polenta salad as i was at my friends.

Arty pic time :)
This is a canvas i did for my mum for christmas, she works in thika in kenya alot of the time and so we have an african theme :)

OH!!!!! I had an amazing dinner last night that i will post next time ;D

xoxoxox love love !


Emma said...

Sorry to hear about you and David but it sounds like you are bettr off without him. Nobody has the right to be that controlling and having double standards definitely isn't fair.

Your food looks amazing as usual. The granola looks especially good- where did you buy the granola? I'd be interested to try it!

OOh a new bar to try! Exciting! I will be getting your bars in the next couple of days, did you want to set a spending budget by the way? Just so we have an idea of how much to get!

Anyway hope you have a good weekend!

Emma said...

Ah Liz's granola? I have had a bag of her granola, which was chocolate covered. I think it was from Holland and Barret. It was quite nice!

I will defo look out for her cereal in my tesco or try buying online.

Shall we say about a fiver for the bars? I will try to get your stash tomorrow and then get them in the post to you on Monday! I hope you like them!

Anyway hope you are having a nice weekend!

flower said...

Sorry to hear about the break up, but Emma is right when she says youd be better off without him, although I know that doesnt really help!
The granola looks lush I like having cereal for lunch sometimes.
Take care of yourself

fay said...

that canvas is beautiful.
im so sorry that you broke up with your boyfriend! how are you feeling? i know i can't really judge because i don't know your bf, but it sounds like he treated you a little bit crap.. :\ which is never a good thing! cheating is THE WORST... you need to get out there and have some single girl time ya hearrr?? haha.. i hope you're feeling ok though. as a wise girl (ahem you) once said: it'll be treacle in the end! xxx SMOOCHIESSS!

Emma said...


hope you've had a god week, just wanted to let you know that your goodies are on their way to you- i put the package in the post a couple of days ago : )