Monday, 2 March 2009

chomp chew swallow

Bunã dimineata xoxox
Sorry i havn't been around in the last week, it hasnt realy been the best for me!
ive been realy sick and my laptop died and so ive had to nick my mums computer and stuff

Ive also been like living in a box because of my break up, mainly because hes back with his ex..13!!!!! seriously its like sick and illegal..
and hes best mate and everyone kinda hates him now ;D but its ok! because iv had a few offers since :D and went out for lunch with this guy from costa.. haha was good though :)
and me and david are still talking..even if he does go on about his sex life with hannah :S but aparently hes getting well jealous everytime i speak to another guy and laodza other stuff i wont type coz u dont wana know my life story!

First off i got these amazing packages in the post!
this is from the lovely emma who sent me some larabars because iv only ever tired one and you cant get them anywere neer me :( grr
you have noo idea how happy i was though to get a package haha like i think i a hyper personn
she sent me some well yummy flavors, so far ive eaten the pecan and pistacio one :) i think i prefered the pecan one? not sure.. but the pecan one filled me up for longer :)
yes.. i look mad in thispic :D:D

this other one was from the nakd bar people :) because i sent them a comment and they sent me two bars because id never tried the banana one, i realy liked the taste and it smelt amazing, think it would be abit too sweet if i had it in big bar form thoughh.

this is well sketch aswell.. me and vix (whos also recovering) were looking in this spell type crystal shop because she does these type meeting things and there was this book that u had to ask a question then open a page and i know its silly but it realy freaked me out becasue i opened the page to this....

omg BUT we went to a garden thingy with y family and there was a sainsburys next door and i remember emma saying thats where you can get lara's and there isnt one anywere neer me (odd) and so mum went in and yea they did have them :D! she got me apple pie,ginger snap and a treck berry bar, i tried the ginger snap and i think it was abit too ginger-ish for me.

ignore my thighs, it was in the car on the way home
This is home-made pumpkin soup with roasted pumpkin seeds ontop, my mum makes great vegan/wheat free soups :D

I will christen this.."grumble tumble" as i was realy hungry and its abit of a tumbly messs :) veggie stirfry!

blueberry and cinnamon :)

A really bad pic of stuffed butternut squash half- brown rice,broud beans,tomato e.c.t

last but not least was this yummy salad :)

ok this was me just being bored taking pics >.<

"Wow thatsa big treeee.cheeep cheep *makes bird noises"


Kiki said...

Wow, those are amazing packages! Larabars <3 The gingersnap is a bit too gingery for me too. I wish we had nakd bars here!

Your mum is a wonderful soup maker! Pumpkin soup sounds gooood. Enjoy your day!

margarida said...

heey :) thank you for comment my blog sweetie! i really have been in a bad mood..i'm depressed and i'm feeling unhappy..but you're right, i have to fight it but it's so hard :(
here in portugal these bars don't exist, this country is so underdeveloped :s

how funny, i just finnished a bowl of pumpkin soup just like the soup made by your mum :) i loove it

have a good wednesday girl :)

lots of kisses

Emma said...

I'm glad you've been enjoying the goodies- the pecan pie is yummy isn't it?

Oh and you got to a Sainsbury's! That is really cool! More larabars and the my all time fave bar- the nakd mixed berry bar- yummo!

Don't worry about the boy- sounds like you're def better off without him!

fay said...

ahh your so cutee! i love banana bread nakd bars.. delish.. umm i can't remember everything you said in your comments to me haha but i remembe ryou said do i have msn. yes i do but i literally NEVER EVER use it, so do you have facebook or myspace? my myspace issss
but if you'd rather facebook then let me know how to find you im pretty clueless about that website haha... hope you are feeling better my love:) xxxxxxxxxxx

margarida said...

first of all, i didn't told you in my first comment but i have to say, i LOOOOVE your eyes! :)

second, i've been searching and i found the course that i wanted here near me and it will be much less expensive to me if i study here in Portugal. so, probably i'm not going to London this year, but within 3 years i will be near you and i can wait for that momment! i really want to go to London :) i just love the city!

have a nice sunday sweetie :)
kiss kiss

Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey !!!!!!!!!

It's been a while since visiting your blog last.....Well,missed you!! =))

Emma is coooool =D And your package with BARS must have been LOVELY =D Great!! Enjoy!!

Well,your eats look also nice... yummmm yummm...

BoYs>..??? Ahhh...don't worry =D Just be YOURSELF and LIVE YOUR LIFE!! =D And ENJOY IT!!! =DDDD



HOPE to hear from you soon!!!!!!!!
WAITIN'!!!!!!!! =DD

Have a great time !! =DD

aussirish said...

hey, yummy eats! i love larabars, i havent tried alot of them but i think theyre pretty similar to the nakd bars! i love the banana one :)

Stacey said...

love Larabars!

tinyirishdancer said...

Oh, you lucky duck, you..

And wow. That punkin soup looks BOMB.
Can I just borrow your mum for a mo?

Mhmm. Oaties and stirfries = <3
Not combined, though.
That would taste a little odd. o.o

In response to your comment, nay! You aren't one of the blogs I was a'talkin bout. No worries!
(I get dibs on Thargo, though. I SAW HIM FIRST. =D)

Anywho, I hope you have a fab weekend, m'dear! Take care. <3

Nancy said...

Hey! I saw that you are studying Chinese and I'm Chinese! That is too cool. I envy your passion for learning this language because I was forced to go to chinese school every saturday for the past 8 years of my life. But I don't take it anymore :) Which kind are you studying: mandarin or cantonese?

Tiny Tina. said...

Oooh lucky lucky with the bar packages!
I jsut had the Pecan Pie Larabar today and it was so much better than I thought it would be!
I love your hair girl, it's so sexay!
And it's great to hear you're moving on after your break-up..plenty more fish in the sea, right? =D

disa said...