Thursday, 19 March 2009 more ways than one!

...mother was not happy ;)
i was making porridge and droped water down the front of the cooker and blew the circit board.. and i needed to bake flapjacks later that day :( grrr

I started my new job! its working in a cafe/bakery and so im baking cakes and bread alot but im realy enjoying it, i thought it would be abit sketch but because i cant actually eat hardly any of it because of being alergic its ok :)
but what actually upset me is that i look realy thin, i didnt notice it before i just thought everyone was over reacting again but its true i have got thin again, i only lost a couple pounds because erm.. my ibs was erm yea.. u get the picture ima not gross you out! but it meens now iv got to put it back on.
i meen i guess the best thing about loosing weight is the gaining part as in i can eat whatever i want.. but still it freaks me out abit even though i know i need to gain abit but i still dont like it when the scales change..
i ate a well good fruit flapjack from julian graves at lunch yesterday, it was a realy big step for me as i dont normaly eat somthing that high, but i realy injoyed it, i was worried because it had soya flour in and i thought that was wheat? haha but obs it isnt after asking my mum.. calmmm!

heres the flapjackers :) i took my own picture but its on my mobile.

sorry my meals have been boring as iv kind of lived off stirfry and bbq sauce for a while now due to not hardly being at home! and having no cooker!! microwave all the way!
Promicee il be making some cool meals this week once my cookeres mended!
this is laying on a giant page of my current story im writing :) checking out my heart out of bbq sauce ;D

me and jax (friendy) made homemade stew soup thing with everything in, choped tomatos,cucumber,mushrooms,celery,polenta and alot of other stuff i dont rememebr haha
he actually liked it though so was ok, we ate it infront of the tv watching tropic thunder, his flat isnt that bad actually!

we kept "mm and oo uhmmmmhmhmm ^^ -ing " the whole time, the people next door must have thought we were shooting a pornooo ;o

LOOK AT ALL THAT FROGSTUFF! i wish i had been there when there was all the frogs! would have made an aamazing pic, this is my pony field btw

my youngest sister (kibby) was doing a thing from when she was a baby till when she got to this age and i nicked some of the pictures i was in

oh yea

i dont know if you can proper see but i have

;) il explain how i got given that beauty next time :) which will be soon as im making awesome meals from now on so il be posting

lovelove and fairy dust ;D


aussirish said...

hi girlie
yummy looking meals :)
that new job sounds great-im glad your enjoying it!!
aw sorry about the cooker :( thats so annoying..i hate when things break.
have a great day

margarida said...

heey swettie!
i'm so glad that you're enjoying your new job :)
your eye looks really bad :s i'll wait for you to tell me what happenned!

lots of love

Emmy said...

Thank you for your sweet encouraging comment,it helped alot, and I'm doing better today, I love your blog, and your a great illustrator:),your pics are amazing in your book, and working at a bakery sounds fun, also all your meals look delicious as well,
Keep Strong in your Recovery:)
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

flower said...

I like the sound of flapjacks and bbq sauce (not together obs!!)
That balck eye is a corker!!

Emma said...


Your new job sounds great! I am glad you are enjoying it! I worked in a cafe once and hated it but it was before I was vegan and I used to love eating all the cakes that didn't get sold!

Well done on challenging yourself with the flapjacks! I am struggling myself at the moment psychologically with the idea of the number on the scales changing but I am trying hard to fight against it and think of my health.

By the way I haven't received a package. I don't mind it's just I was getting worried because you said that you had sent it! I hope if that is the case that it hasn't got lost in the post!

Anyway have a lovely weekend!