Tuesday, 24 March 2009

SPUDZ, REPEAT!!!, noodlez, REPEAT!!

Well.. to be honest there isnt much to tell about the eye :p i got smaked in the face by a girl who lives in a town neer me..me and her boyfriend are like proper close but not in that way, but because we talk more than they do she got all pissy and proper punched me in the face.
james was not happy!!! and broke up with her later that night, hes been soo sweet to me since

haha this is protioned rice noodles in a spicy tomato sauce with carrots,peas and broud beans

COOKER STILL NOT FIXED!! hes comming next monday! arghh, i had all these cool recipies ready to try so im afraid these meals have been boring, when its fixed i wont repeate myself and stuff.

I loved this combo so i had it a few dyas later after work (9 hour work shift!) with tofu and brussel sprouts and lentils

I ate nearly all of this. i swear the peas were proper green, for some reason the lentils look the same colour.

This is gluten free spaghetti in tomato sauce which you can get in tins in the free from sections in supermarkets :) its convenient and quick for long work dayss
i combined this with salad and a sweet potato.

AGAIN.. i liked it so i had it again another day.. jeeez i need to GET MY COOKER FIXED!

this is on a normal spud though.
On mothers day my mum was watching a film on tv and this rice crispy cake advery kept showing and she turned around and said to me..
"sweet-pea i realy fancy some crispy cakes" then did a realy funny angel face, so i raced of to the kitchen..slyly and made some vegan crispy cakess using vegan chocolate :D
and presented them after din dins, they went down well!

lunch on saturdayy, i ate all apart from half the salad, it was boring

I did abit of customizing at the weekend
I had a realy boring plain navy strappy top and i attatched lace around the bottom and placed a t-shirt transfer onto the front that i made earlier the day, i realy liked the picture and i'm quite happy with the final outcome of the top :)

I used up some of my butternut squash wedges in this stir fry meal, i mashed them in then set it in the fridge..sounds gross but it was realy refreshing.

On my way to feed the ponies the other day i snacked on a "goji berry" flapjack that i got from julian graves (its next to work so im living in there at the mo) i hated it, no realy.. i HATED IT
well i think i hated it? i couldnt actually taste it.. at all, i didnt even taste the oats, i couldnt taste a thing, NOT buying again!
looked pretty though?

this was my lunch today,i snacked on tons before this though like 4 morning snacks so i wasnt very hungry. wheat free rye bread slices with salad and abit of my left over dinner in it haha,had this with a peach soy yoghurt, omg rele imbarrising insident like 10 mins after eating this.. i guess my ibs dosnt realy like garlicy onion tomato spicy sauce! >.<

i ate this around 1/2 3 in my car.. i drove all the way to brockenhurst for college then turned around and came home.. twat!, i love these bars, with carob chocolate and stuff, i decided as its my own personal reasons why im a vegan im going to consume honey porducts, i like these (and other bars) too much not to!


I have this once a week on my stomach (and knees if you can see) and have to have my stomach,legs, back/rib/spine area pumled and punched/beat twice a day,i take 3 liiquid medicines and 3 tablets in the morning and 5 at night this is the side effects of having anorexia and i will have this for the rest of my life, makes you think..

*************OH im comming up to a RAW WEEK in two weeks to see if my body will feel better eating it, at the moment it gurgles and everything so uncomftable after eating anything nearly so recipes would be realy welcomed***********

i also had a clothes delivery today from my mummy :D il ppost pics next time soo cutee clothes!!

love love xxxxxxxxxx


helensjourney said...

Hi there, glad you're back. I have to say your eats look so damn tasty, my mouth is totally watering.
Can't wait for your raw week and your clothes pics.

Emma said...

ooh raw? exciting! I have never tried eating raw meals before so I dont have any tips but I look forward to seeing your eats!

Mmm I love the look of your meals with rice noodles and I forgot how much I used to love tinned spaghetti- must get me some of that!

Neela Marijana said...

hello there,
i just started my own blog and came across your blog. i lived in the uk for two month last year and i have IBS too. i'll be happy to come back here some more in the future
take care

thecleanveggie said...

hi, can you please come cook for me?
your food is great!!!

burpandslurp said...

I remember having acupunture weekly too! but at that time I was still not feeding my body properly so all the acupunture in the world didn't do me no good.
you are eating ALL the favorite foods of mine. potato, sweet potato, tomato, lentils...
hmm, good luck on your raw week! hope it does make things a lot easier.

Tori said...

Hey, I jsut wanted to say thank you for the comment - you're so sweet! Ooh raw week sounds fun. I used to be vegan (due to the amount of calories I need, I gave it up for the time being) so I ate a lot of raw foods. I used to make a realy neat salad with black beans, chick peas, sprouts, seeds, nuts and chopped veggies. Does accupuncture really work for you? I tried it a few years ago, but I don't recall that it really did anything for me. :shrugs:
Hope you have a happy Monday!

Meg said...

Hey girl! Thank you for such a warm welcoming on my blog...I'm so happy to finally be apart of this community with you. Oh, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one on the face of the Earth that eats brussel sprouts ;) I love your eats and can't wait to see how your raw week goes!