Monday, 30 March 2009

sandwiches are everywhere!!!*!*!*!*!!!

I'm so happy because ive finally been able to leave food on my plate!
I know it wasnt alot left but it was somthing!!!
so i havnt felt so stuffed afterwards,I know sorry the picture is abit gross but i was just so happy i didnt binge that i took an "after" pic too :)

okok right i have HAVE to ask this, do any of you girlies bloat at all? i dont think im ever not bloated.. infact i wake up bloated, i dont eat wheat or dairy, eggs or meat and i kno nuts do it to me but like so does anything and iv tried soo many tablets but it dosnt stop its so irriating and dosnt make me want to keep eating which is making my gaining weight hard blegh, ideass?
Angie at work gave me some beetroot and i took it home and stuffed my tofu with it and baked it, it gave it a realy unusual fragrance and texture but not at all un plesent, i realy enjoyed it :)

I had a kiwi and apple and pear fruit spread sandwich on rye toast the other day, i paired this with a bag of vege crisps, still soo proud of myself for this, been a major fear food for my crisps, but seriously.. was there any point putting them in the bag look how empty it is! haha

This is at work, banana and strawberry jam toasted rye bread sandwich :)

P your seposed to be WORKING!!!
LIKE OMG seriously ive felt so crap the last two days, iv got a tummy bug :( and so its made my weight drop again...GREAT :/ JUST what i need!..NOT ergh
i didnt eat too much yesterday because it wasnt spending too long hanging around my body gross, but i had a vegan choloate bar :) was realy proud of myself but my family didnt realy seem to care? thanks mum
omg she had the biggest go at me and was like "stop it just stop it and be normal" seriously its not like i can control this? i kno full well that ive relapsed of late but shes trying to send me back the the priory and i realy hated it there, i hated the fat tube they stuck into my tummy and the scar still looks rough now, soo hard having to explain it to people!
she told me that the "vegan blogs i look on are all anti eating so they have brainwashed you" and i shouted sooo bad, 1. i got ana at 13 so its not like i got it of a blog? and 2. evryone in the blog world are amazing (your all so helpful and friendly !!) im going to show her one 1day to prove to her..

This was in costa on saturday, i wasnt feeling too bad at this point, but walking around town was NOT COOL FOR MY TUMMY!!
it was blackcurrant tea which i had with a peach chunked alpro soya yoghurt, my youngest sister kibby took the pic (slyly aparently so that *she didnt look like a twat*) i was happy because its the first none water drink to drink out!!!

this was a dress i bought whilst in southampton shopping, its realy weird and funky so i thought why not? lol, it actally has the same front circular design style as the top im wearing in the costa picture has on it,new obsession maybe?

apricot jam with mashed heated banana and soy butter on two slices of roasted sunflower seed rye bread, actually maybe it was the jam that made me sick as it says it maybe has wheat frucose syrup in it? ah idk if thats enough jam (and in my porridge) to make me ill? OMG PPEA SHUT UP U HAVE A BUG IT ISNT YOUR FOOD MAKING YOU ILL!!!
this sandwich (with a blueberry soy yoghurt was amazing)

rasberry jam and peanut butter on wheat free rice toast

vegan haggis? wheat free food? omg are you for real oh holy foody goodness! :) this is for my early easter family dinner next saturday, the day before my mum goes to kenya for 10 dayss but i thought id show u the haggis now :p because i was happy

These are only a few of the things i bought the other day :) i will post the rest next time as im sure im starting to bore you now!

these boots are soo comftable!they work realy well with my skinny jeans tucked in
my dog izzy dosnt seem too impressed though ;)

this is what i took a picture of in the changing room, its abit weird yes but totally me and i love the purple top lovee it, it looks the same size as the dress but only because i zoomed in, its actually tiny and so cute, looks weird but on it looks alot better, il take a pic when i finally wear it

defently a sandwich post this one isnt it? haha, this is vegan creamcheese and herb/chive on my rye toast and grapes, was a great combo, with a blueberry yogzz

ima go to sleep now as my tummy is doing the washing machine on skitzo spin mode

tomorrow im going to start my weight gaining diet as i havnt realy been focused on it. i was more like "binging to put on weight but being sick so i didnt?" its fucked up because i kno i need to gain but i still dont want to, :( mehh


made a new blog top when i finally got my illustrator working again

ok seriously im going now


sorry pea ;)

*she stops talking to herself*


flower said...

All those sandwiches look fantastic I love rye bread, it seems to be the only kind of bread (except soda bread) that doesnt make me bloated. Loads of things make me bloated it sucks!!! I wouldnt like to give you the wrong advice so Im not really any help, but if you have a tummy bug that probably isnt helping.

Meg said...

Your sammies look so good. The kiwi one especially sparks my interest - I would never think of that combo. You're so creative in what you eat, and it all looks very satisfying and whole! Oh girl, you are NOT alone in the bloating factor! I experience it every single flippin' day too! It's so frustrating, but I find that hot tea really calms my stomach a lot. Especially green or mint tea, so try that if you'd like!

Have an amazing evening :)

Elle said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say hello :) I love your haircut, and the dress you got is friggin' fantastic. I love your kiwi sandwich - I'd seriously never even considered the idea of putting any fruit except for bananas on a sandwich.
As for the bloating's such a nuisance. My sister recovered from an eating disorder a few years ago and said that time was really the only thing that improved it for her...that initially it was really uncomfortable, but it gets better.

Looking forward to reading more!

margarida said...

i just LOVE your sandwiches, your boots, your doggy doggy, your clothes and i absolutely love the fact that you like horseriding!! rigth now i'm not practicing but i did it for about 7 years and i hope i'll do it for the rest of my life :)

have a nice day swettie <3

Emma said...

mm yummy looking sarnies! Mashed banana is always tasty as a topping!

Sorry to hear about the bloating. I have never suffered with it but all I can suggest is that you make sure you are drinking enough fluids throughout the day.

Good luck with the weight gain! I am struggling to put any on at the moment andit is hard because I really like eating healthy food!

Ooh and I look forward to hearing what you think about the Haggis. I have never tried veggie haggis before (or had meat haggis either) but have always wondered what it would be like!

Tori said...

Wow, you really did get quite creative with your sandwiches there - neat! I never would have thought of any of those combinations - except perhaps the banana and jam.
I totally understand the bloating feeling. It usually happens to me at the end of the day and I really hate it. I find that for me, it tends to be when I've had a lot of fiber-rich foods too close together. For me, drinking a good sized glass of water before bed seems to help. I hope it gets better for you in time. I think it takes quite a bit for our bodies to really adjust to the whole eating thing again, but that eventually it goes away. I hear ginger and peppermint teas are really helpful too. Maybe try that?

Hope you have a good weekend!

margarida said...

happy easter swettie :)

love <3

margarida said...

happy easter swettie :)

love <3