Sunday, 26 April 2009

oLIVE you

hello helloo :D
sunday was beautiful to start with!
It was seposed to rain but it didnt... untill like 3 grrr!

anyway food!!!
I bought this from tescos, i had my eye out for a while but could only see it if i shopped online!

i bought two flavors this and the soya bean one which i will review abt later on.

sorry i didnt make it propper good i was going to though, i had it with wheat free soy sauce soaked tofu, a rice noodle ball and diffrent types of crispy seaweed, i realy liked it and
when my sister came in she was like,
"whos ordered chinese?!?" the way that meens it was amazing:p
haha are you liking my sisters 007 walky talky set in the picture, she was going through some old things that we are selling at a car boot sale

todays dinner was;
Braised tofu and sweet potato rounds roasted in gluten free soy sauce (addicted much?) and mixed veggies, it looks abit like meat here :S it didnt in real life!

for desert i had rubard crumble (vegan and gluten free ofcourse) my mother is a saintttt

i had it with alpro soya custard, i love this!

few lunches; i STILL havnt uploaded my phone picture ones, not that your missing much.. the quality of the photgraphs are not great!
Ive been using this olive/pepper/s-corn mix in a few of these, with new chopsticks and a book i bought while browsing a few shops in hythe after my last acupunture for a while :(

first time trying soya mince, i liked it! i think m going to try it in a tomato sauce with spaghetti and bean balls soon!

my day was tiring, my ex called me again at half 1 and asked to meet up but there was no way i was getting up!
we went to ikea in southampton and looked around for abit and then on the way back i booked in my tattoo for next thursday! nervous haha day after i turn legal age to get it done!
my tummy was hurting alot as usual :/ its because i ate hummus last night and i cant realy eat chickpeas or garlic or onion or anything like that but i did because i LOVE IT

i thouht id update more often as its easier!
and im going to leave u with one of the pictures i took a while ago on my old farm. baby ontop of mummy :D

lots of lovee xxxx


forcoffeelovers said...

I love your photos, they're so real.

Meg said...

Yummy eats, as usual. Oooh a tattoo-how exciting :) I hope you're enjoying the rest of your Sunday, and relaxing :)

Love, Meg

bex said...

aaaaaaahhh that sheep photo is SO CUTE! and all that food looks amazing, i'm jealous! it's all so experimental - i end up eating the same things every week haha. i replied to your comment on my blog by the way - i never know whether to reply to people in my own blog or on theirs..!? blogspot confuses me! xx

Rachel said...

Hi! I'm Rachel. :)

Love the food photos, reminded me that I need to eat some sweet potatoes! I have been craving them forever.

Hope you're enjoying your day.