Thursday, 30 April 2009

stuffed like a vine leaf

and so i am now 18 as of 9.05pm last night :D
i woke up to 18 banners everywere! we lit my cake (while i was in my works uniform!) so that i could cut it to take to worky.

i worked all day but it was realy fun, mich made it realy nice day and i even got flowers delivered to work!.. with peonies ofcourse!
I will post a better picture of them next time, along with the other flowers i got from my sister erica.

SUCH a diffrence from my last birthday, i usualy always cry on it and get depressed but i didnt! i almost did but i thought to myself "i can make this day amazing or i could make this day depressive and boring" i chose to make it amazing :)
i had some lovely things that i received that i will post about in my next post as it goes on for abit.

i got nasty burns from the cake oven at work :( it like liturly had my skin stuck to it when i looked at it after i put it down! it dosnt look bad in the picture but it was horrible when i did it!

i made a lemon cake for my birthday :) with lemon peel and grated vegan white chocolate on top and vegan wipping creme in the middle with lemon extract it wanst that good though unfortuntly but i will addapt the recipe on a later date (vegan gluten free cakes never were the same!)

I was going to post the recipe but once i change it around abit i will!
was huge step though as ilast year my cake was of this :
I wanted to show the diffrence between this birthday and last
and the year before that (so basicaly my 16th, 17th and 18th) defently the cakes;
this is me at my 16th.. ergh! i dont think i cared at all about foods at that time judging by the pre bought cake i had;

this was my 17th, no face picture as i looked realy triggeringly thin, to be honest it was a break through for me to even make a cake, not that it was much of a cake (last year by the way) it was oats in water and cloves baked in the oven.
i mixed strawberries and banana to make the "icing" and then decorated it with the remainder, i think i had like 1 tiny slice of this "pudding cake" (even though it was the size of like two of my palms) and some bean sprouts.. cooked in water for my dinner and then went to bed and cried for hours.

and this years!

back to the 2009!!

We went out to dinner too,
Fat Fig a greek resturant in southampton, Ive always loved greek food but didnt eat it because of the oils before, it was amazing being able to go to a resturant and not have to have just a salad as nothing was gluten free, egg free, dairy fre.. e.c.t free because it had a massive selection of foods i could eat!

I had the spicy tomato rice stuffed vine leaves with salad, i didnt eat the chips and passed them over to my mum

i finished all the vineleaves and half the salad because i thought "why the hell not!?!"

it was yummy defently! but sorry about the bad picture, i was doing it on the sly so the other people wouldnt think i was odd, wow could have told them i was a food critic or somthing hehe

my mum and sister loved their meals too and we all decided it was a definate place we would come back :D yay

i realised i didnt have enough money to get my tattoo today:z my friend lewis got the day off to come with me aswell! my mum really needs to pay me back!

brighton on saturday! god my fav place ever/

as to other eats this week!


Flapjacks i made for my mums firefighter work colgs. they are allways requesting my baking yayy, i dont need to explain about them, the lable says it all

and i will stop here before i bore everyone to death

bu byee xxxxx


flower said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday, even if you were at work!

Agnesss =) said...

Hi Girlie!!

Ohh...HAPPY BELATED BiRTHDAY to YOUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDD

Wish you LOVE,HEALTH and may all your dreams come true!! =)) Stay strong, positive and BELIVE IN YOURSELF!! You're such a nice girl,you have to live your life to the fullest!! =D

Ohh it'd be REALLY WONDERFUL to MEET YOU!!!!!!! =DDD YAYYY!! Cannot wait !! =D Well,and WHERE EXACTLY DO YOU LIVE in the UK...??? =D Let me know!! =D

If you have time..pls visit my NEWEST POST,I love your comments!! =D

Hope to hear from you soon!!
Enjoy your weekend!!