Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cow Bum

Good day my little peanuts!

I love having the weekend off!
Unfortuntly my boss said that i HAVE to work the weekend at the end of the month as "im part of a team and i'm needed" aparnetly its selfish of me to not? she even shouted at me! it was abit out of order to be honest seing as i work al week and its a damn long day!

after all that my lovely mum booked a coule nights self catering in Somerset! sunday the 28th untill the 30th, its not long but its long enough as were all going through some difficult times and need a tiny btit away before our holiday to kenya in july.
I'm dreading asking my boss for the day off though! eeeek

Were taking my little doggy izzy along with us so alot of biking and walking and sight seeing :).. maybe getting to see some of the local eye candy? ..i got to stop thinking of boys!

speaking of izzy...
today me and my mum decided to take her for her usual walk but this time to were our ponies are kept in some feilds the other side of Beaulieu, ofcourse if anyone has been to beaulieu or the new forest in hampshire in jenural you would know that the "new forest ponies" run all over the place, people think there whild but they do infact have owners, i will post pictures of some of our ponies on the forest's foals when i upload the pictures of when me and my ex were walking on the forest and saw them!

anyway theres aso other things on the forest like pigs and cows (i swear its not a hick area!! its actually very expensive to live in the new forest :S.. think its paying for the views)

these are some of the pictures i snapped along the wayo

Cows in the road driving through Beaufre (buh-ver-ee)
(btw like all the places in the area are french because the monks were french that lived/live in the abbey and palace house (seriously its stunning here u should totally visit!!)

me and kallalah bay (lala) OMGZZ please ignore my scary white legs

in our feild, the one infronts ours aswell but were resting the grass at the moment.

OH i did a car boot sale today with my mum and i sold a canvas !
it wasnt great so was glad to say good bye to it!

my roast din dins :) thats braised tofu by the way, i also had rubarb crumble with soy custard
+++ MY BOYYY LOVES HIS SOYYYY (fig the giant african land snail)

carrot and lentil soup :)
in one salad i have blueberry and apple yum yum

and with that i bid you all good night :)
need to be up early for work tomorrow



hhaha find crazy picture on my camra my sister must have taken whilst i was driving

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