Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tattoo Monsters

Hiya bayybayys ;)

so i decided i wanted to start regular postings again :) for shitz'n'gigglez
(i duno if people say that were your from?)
i went to somerset for a fewe days and it was beautiful :) we stayed in self-catering as it was easier for a quick break, aswell as a summer break i think im going away with friends aswel :)

morning porridge at the place :)

Lint and lynmouth and blury car window shot

i pretty much loved the current heat wave we had over in rainy england, it was lovely....
well not when working in the kitchen at work! hot pasty ovens= OWWWWWWCH THE HEATTT

im drawing my new tattoo design at the moment but i cant seem to get it right, ideas?

In the week thats past ive worked alot but also had time to fit in a fun weekend :)
me and ollie.. this boy that my psycic said i would get with.. (kindaa have ;)spoooky) i only met him a couple weeks ago off facebook LOL! and i get on amazing with his best friend aswell
so baasicialy he invited me to his 18th family bbq (well his best mate and a girl we know was there) and i baked a cake :) was such a great time and fingers crossed this wont turn into what happened last time with james... ergh rough time that was :(

I enjoyed this scrummy lunch zee other day, with ofcourse some cherry and berry fruit juice :), it contained brown rice aswell.. hidden deep deeep below haha

these are a few random pics from the night :) hope i dont bore you

just wanted to show u how thin ollies legs are!!!!

and his first tattoo, secound next weekend! , mikes got what if tattooed on his front and the club,dimond,ace and heart symbols on his arm sooo good looking :)
were guna be tattooo monsters soon!

Morning after, smoking in the garden in the sun, was lushh

thats his two cousins- amazing

the cake ;)

I made a quick and easy dinner the other night, dont you find the heat effects your apitite for long cooking?!?
this was tofu in a tomoto caper and basil sauce, it compimented eachother perfectly.

Blueberry cookies, i used agave nectar to sweeten them aswell as a spoon of blueberry jam :)

and finaly half a pasty i had for lunch that i made, its full of seasoned bbq mushrooms, maranaded peppers, lemon grass e.c.t including spinach
was nice seing as im alergic to gluten to have a pasty :) even if the pastry was abit weird texture
btw that cucumber slice was the size od like a small marrow infact i stuffed one and had it like a stuffed marrow (more on that next timeee) LOVE HOME GROWN ONES , LOVE U GRANDADD :D
(fyi thats toasted polenta cubes)


are you going on holiday this year? would u rather go with friends or family? do you prefer relaxing pool/beach or full on exploaring?

i personly prefer to explore as i feel i could just go to the beach back home :p

cyaaaa xxoxoxoxo

P.S Ive bought some capers, any ideas what to do with them?


mariarose said...

Your blog looks really cool! I'd love to try those blueberry cookiess cos they look proper ace :)
I prefer exploring holidays too, cos I like to get a feel of new places, people etc and you only really experience the real culture of new places if you explore, rather than just lounging about a beach. Although that's good too ;) xxx

aussirish said...

hi hun
those views are gorgeous :)
all of the eats look great!
it sounds like you and this boy are getting on well :) hes cute!!
i love doing exploring and going to the beach...a bit of both!

rediscoveringlauren said...

that last comment was from me under my old blog id!

burpandslurp said...

capers can be used to make puttanesca, and also is SO good with salmon!
And wow, I had no idea England was SO freaking beautiful!
And hahaha! LOVE the blueberry cookies!
I don't really like relaxing...I am SO restless, so I much prefer exploring around!

Tina said...

Thanks for the comment honey ;)

Great pics and great cake O_O!
Gotta agree with the comment above, I'm an explorer too!

Have nice day