Friday, 24 July 2009

oink oink this little piggy went to market

So my lovely mother is just another case of swine flu thats sweeping over the globe...ohh dont i just LOVEE having to drive everywere for her haha

this is the puttanesca i made !

i used alot actually,olives, medeteranian pasta sauce, CAPERS, mushrooms, courgettes, kidney beans, sweetcorn, broad beans, this tofu from waitrose, its marinated in sundried tomatoes and olive oil and is realy flavorful,mixed herbs and buckwheat noodles :)
i realy loved the combination and thankfuly ihad another portion for LEFTOVERSSSS to feeze yay

I made another GLUTEN FREE pizza the other day,It looks kind of burnt but i promice it wasnt..must be the weird lighting, there just so coveniant to freeze and then pull out slices, for this pizza i only made it big enough for 4 slices but thats plenty enough of one flavor..even if it was yum!
the base was rice flour/water/cumin and herbs
I used that blackbean mash that i had the other day for dinner in a previous post as a sauce base.. to be honest i just defrosted a random sauce container from my freezer and put it on but it worked well,
i covered it in the usuals like capers, sweetcorn, potato slices, spinach and a cherry tomato ring around the edge,

using some left over pasta sauce i coated my tofu and spuds and baked them in the oven, the tofu in gluten fre breadcrumbs, it was realy crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.. perfect

so far ive had two slices for dinner one night, in a picture above, and a slice with some grapfruit salad for lunch :)

At work sometimes its kind of hard to deside what to eat for my lunch break.
yeah its easy enough to pack a salad or some sort of gluten free sandwich but after months and months it sure gets boring.

welcome a warmed up bowl of V8 vegetable juice with taco shells broken up for dipping and a soy yoghurt :) bliss

i cant beelive its been a year since i last talked about my sisters birthday cake, well this time ive done it again :)
but made it with loads of bits and pieces on, i took a peice to work and my boss was so happy with it that shes comisioning me to bake cakes at work to sell in the bakery :D and sending me on a day release course yaaaay

me my mum and her boyfriend, my youngest sister and ollie went to see harry potter the other day and i dont think i liked it as much as the last ones, i think because it was as well as it is.. leading up to a massive battle and so i know KNOW the next is going to be amazing.

Ollie and i are off to girona in late august :) i must say im realy excited, its just us two and weve managed to get a realy cheap deal for it.

Girona is in spain quite close to barcelona on the costa brava.

Its full of great buildings and views from gothic cathedrals, museums, amazing picture opertunies.oh btw ollie said he wants to be in a relationship and i said no, im stupid but i think it would be best all around, im worried that if we got together somthing bad might happen before we go and then we end up canceling or somthing?

click here

they even have resturants for coeliacs and vegans...perfect :)

a just on this final note a few more dinners i had

a stuffed red pepper with cannellini beans, tinned tomato in tomato juice and Orgran Rice & Corn Risoni (Pilaf) Garlic & Herb packet which was a recent buy from a health food shop i didnt know about, yay!

and simple mushroom rice with "staggs vegetable chilli" from tescos, i used broken up taco shells for dipping too :)



~Jessica~ said...

Thanks so much for the comment! I can't believe what a talented chef (and artist!) you are ~ when I was eighteen there's no way I could have produced the meals that you do and even now I wouldn't know where to start with a vegan gluten-free pizza base or pasty.

If the painting you sold at the car boot sale was one that you weren't happy with, then your 'good' ones must be absolutely amazing!!!

I'm so sorry you're still going through struggles with food (read lots of your earlier posts) and I wish you all the best in finding balance and contentment with your eats, which by the way look both very healthy and extremely yummy ~ it's fantastic to see another UK blogger featuring products I can actually buy : )

rediscoveringlauren said...

all of the eats look delicious :) you can certainly cook!!
ooo a new tatoo? awesome, i hope we get to see it!
enjoy your weekend hun!

whatwouldldo said...

thanks for the comment chica.

that cake looks EPIC. what a thing of beauty.

what tattoo are you getting'? i have one but i really want another. i think they're awesome. i'd love to be one of those alterna-girls that can carry off a sleeve!

L. x

Lauren said...

i'm glad you left me a enabled me to see your fabulous blog!! all of your pics look AMAZING..i'm super jealous of your skillllls ;)
and that you live in europe!! lucky gal..if i couldve moved completely to london, i would have in a heartbeat!
lovely pics of barcelona! i wish we had time to stop there..valencia was nice though!! :)