Saturday, 1 August 2009

smooth (ie) talker

I tried making my first ever green monster smoothie ! !
I decided to try this particular one for my first to "break me in" for part of my trying diffrent lunches brand new start!

i didnt use that exact amount as i just used it as a rough gideline to what ingredients to add,i didnt have any perejil (parsley-haha getting in my spanish practicing ;] ) and i used soy milk instead of almond breeze,
hmmm what else did i change? ohh yeah! i used lindseed instead of flax- oh my gosh flax is soo expensive around here:S
... well it wasnt that bad, it was nice in small doses even though thinking about it now is making me gag... i chugged it and omg i felt so sick- lindseeds in it = ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

i think im going to stick to a fruit smoothie next time :D

talking od fruit smoothies...

yummy yummy in my tummy..

At the new forest show i was keen on going to the apro soya food area as i realy wanted some :)
i got a couple last year ( a whole year ago i got my call to go into an eating disorders unit.. the 4th aug i went in...)
i talked to the (cute may i add;] ) guy and said hw being vegan and gluten free there was practicaly nothing i could eat here and he looked around, said the boss was out of sight and filled a cool bag with:

*2 cartons of soya milk
* A ton of yoghurts
*Loads of money off vouchers
* Soya recipe book

was proper happy :)

i also picked up a juice book to experiment on, im loving fruit ones at the moment,they fill me up great but not in a sticky painful "chewable food way"

i made a roll for my new forest show day though, i filled it with a grilled portabello mushroom, vegan cream cheese that i got from tescos (finaly stocks it) sweetcorn and lettuce (+ herbs)

I loved the compination it was soo yummy :) defo repeating it xx

My best smoothie so far (says mich at work)
i had a coupole strawberries, loads of cherries and new vanilla flavor soy yoghurt :) it was realy good!! a realy bright red colour.
when i make it again BLATENTLY NEXT WEEEK!!!
i will photograph it ;)

a sauce from the free from organic section of tescos baked on my tofu, rested on a bed of spinach, plain and simple but very tasty

the sauce was cranks tomato/ginger/basil

update on things+++++
my tattoo place i went to not happy so im going to another one now :) i get to see ollies tattoo (half finished) tomorrow when we go shopping together :) excited!
also we finally booked for defo our holiday, were staying in an apartment 10 mins from the "old city"
its cheaper than the other place and we have our own kitchen and everything :)
were so excited now!!

5 foods i dont think i could live without are:

1* Tofu, i think i eat tofu atleast twice a week, i love at the moment braised and beech-smoked tofu mmmm
2* Dairy free chocolate spread - i have this melted over my cookies and apples as desert
3* ginger jam - i love putting it in my porridge whilst cooking, it gives it such a nice flavor

4* Mayola - ON EVERYTHINGG!!!... used to cover everything in saladcream pre-vegan so now this has turned into my new subb.
5* bananas - probibibly my most consumed fruit, i have it in anything..i at the moment like it in coconut curries

okokok most of the things on that list are sauces? but i dont care :D
a girl likes what a girl likes...



Nancy said...

I don't think I could live without algerian dates, apples, and carrots. (I'm practically orange now!)

Ouuu! lucky girl! I wish there were more vegan foods in my area.

~Jessica~ said...

Yep, I didn't have a great experience with green smoothies either (I tried one years ago before they ever appeared on blogs and never want to repeat the experience again). Your food looks so delicious!

I couldn't live without:
1.) Bananas (duh)
2.) Rice Dream + Calcium rice milk
3.) Chickpeas (so many uses!)
4.) Peas (frozen, could eat a bag by themselves)
5.) PB & Co (only PB worth buying...but so messy to stir!)

Have a great Sunday : )

Emma said...

Thanks soooo much for the vouchers- you are such a sweetie! It was perfect timing too because it is my birthday today so it was a lovely surprise! I will def let you know where I go munching!

Alpro soya vouchers will defo be used too- we have a constant supply of Alpro stuff in the house!