Saturday, 8 August 2009

Blackberry ink

AAAAAAANNNNNDDDDDDD good morning to you :)

this smoothie was gorgeous, it was;
Pineapple chunks
Mango chunks
Alpo soya vanilla yoghurt

even though it tasted like one of thoughs tropical icelollys with the icecream in the middle..not complaining ;)
infact!! it tasted JUST LIKE THESE DID


the bulk of this meal was this curry (half tin) with brown rice, green beans/sweetcorn/portabello mushroom/tomato
this was it but if diffrent packaging

i realy enjoyed the taste, even if it did bear a scarily simmilar taste to that of a chicken curry, i had to check i was eating the right thing..three times!!!
sorryabout the crap pictre, my canon was out of battery

quickie lunch before i went flat huntinggg, whilst reading a review of "the new forest show"

berry cheeky nakd bar with peach soy yoghurt and strawberries, i decided toeat smaller lunches but snack through out the day, works better for me :)

Sorry for the repeated sandwich but it realy was THAT GOOD that i needed to eat it again! this time i added grilled tomato slices as well as.

I know you cant really see here but this is a chopping bord that my mums boyfriend MADE for me :)
aparently my chopping is realy loud in the morning (i eat at like 6am) its realy nice though and well made.


I added the banana as it was super sharp!


how cute is that appointment card?!?
Kinda wish i was going back to my old one though, the guy was megga hot like O M G hot and we wellll flirted :(...mayyyybee i should erm just erm.. go back to show how my other tattoo is getting on ;)...hehe

Whilst booking in my tattoo i nipped into holland and barret next door and picked up two amy's meals (never tried any before- hard to get hold of!)
so i'm sure you will be seing these shortly in my eats.

..Ignore the ice on the packets...straight from thhe freezer to photograph!

Question timeeeeee :

Do you worry about getting a tattoo (or having one) and when u get old it gets wrinkly?

If you could get a tattoo what would it be? / if you have a tattoo what is it off and whats your reasons for getting it?

I do alot, i meen i know its a fact but its still in the back of my mind, abit like my stomach tattoo, when i have children its going to stretch major bad eek..
ah well i got a hella' while before i need to worry about that ;)

mmmmm cam pictureesss


Maya said...

that smoothie does look gorgeous! and i would have repeated that sadwich looks amazing! :)

those amy's meals are a few of my favorites! so good.

cant wait to see how the tatoo turns out! such a cool card they gave u.


~Jessica~ said...

So many gorgeous pics in one post!

I remember those Soleros from when I was a kid...I used to be obsessed with them in the summer. The mango smoothie combo looks to die for.

I'd never get a tatoo because I'm such a capricious person: I change my mind every ten seconds and can go from loving something to hating it vehemently in the blink of an eye. I'd worry that I'd wind up loathing whatever tatoo I got! I think you'd really suit one though
: )

Your comment didn't sound weird at all! I'm just flattered that you were able to read through such a long, moaning rant by yours truly.



Lauren said...

aww holland & barret! you're making me miss being in london :(
thats exciting about your tattoo appointment! theyre so addicting, i must say..
your food all looks deeeelish, of course, especially that smoothie!

disa said...