Wednesday, 2 September 2009

BACK from girona

NOTE: both mine and ollies hair are naturly curly so a holiday without straightners was..erm intresting ;) **

the first night we were there we managed to just about find somthing open in the form of a tapas all you cane at fro 9 euros,they had things from amazing vegetable and seed mixes, meats, pastas, pizzas, potatos, rices, fruits, fruitsalads, cakes and deserts
was gooood

(skip forward abit to the last night temp ;P)

this is a mixed salad we had in a irish bar/pub outside it was stunning and yummy.. with potato chunks, first ive had in years, i was proud of myself :)

i got round to trying figs! there was a little vegetable/fruit shop opisite our apartment which i spent alot of time in :)
sooo cheap compaired to england

we ate in one night, on the balcony which was realy pretty :) as u can imagine, ollie had a pizza but i found some vegetable incrused tofu and brown rice cuts and vegetables (i brought home a spair vege packa dn rice cups! they were THAT good)

the tofu was actually free as the shop seller gave it to me free, how nice was that?!

(LOL its ok because its the same as him in swimming trunks :p, his secound tattoo (one on the arm is only half finished the top isnt done and bottom isnt coloured)

how great is the cathedrol?

thats an arrow to the top appart. by the way, the only one with a balcony :) yay
it went past so quickly but it was nice to just have a few days away :)
my family have gone camping to wales untill monday so im home alone, im currently making a scrap book of my holiday so might head of to boots to print out my pictures.

once its finished il post some pictures up :)

(some food type things i brought back)
any recipe ideas using figs or plantain?
ive put figs in porridge aswell as micro-ing some and using it as a spread, thinking brownies or in a dinner idea?
would lovee in some sort of dinner (need using asap realy as i bought them in spain)

one thing i did NOT like from spain that i brought back was one of them doughnut peaches, i thought it was bland and made me gag :( daaaamn it

i was thinking about having bean and plantain baked "dumpling" style balls in a spicy tomato sauce using the peppers and tomoatos picked from the garden?

But before i make that i made pasta bake!! ive been craving it for ages and since it was my first proper day at home i pre made it and froze it,

sorry that it looks a bit messy, the taste made up for it
after baking...

i think its one of the nicest things ive ever made to be perfectly honest! yayy
ilike how bits are crispy and bits are soft
fyi its a tiny plate!

i made it with salsa, tomato and basil sauce, crumbled tofu, basil, rice pasta twists, chopped yellow and red tomatos, mushrooms, green runner beans and asparagus :)
i sprinkled grated vegan cheddar cheese on top yay

I think THIS!! cereal is amazing, it tastes so good first thing in the morning with some heated figgs added to it ;D MMMMMMM!
(doves farm organic choco stars) its my first time trying it, always seen it in tescos just never got it :)

i found that eating porridge in the morning is the thing which has been making me ill, crazy right? i was hoping that the amount of oats wouldnt bother my gluten free thing but it obviously is?
ah well cereal it is then....

so did any of you go away this summer? and were too?

im going away agai at christmas with some friends to the german christmas markets :) yay girlie trip away
and my mums gone back to kenya for work this week, love being incharge at home ;)

right got to go now sorry for the mammoth post! going shopping for winter clothes:D


jibbalibba said...

they are some lovely picture that capture the essence of holiday

nourishing mornings said...

looks like such a lovely trip :) love all the pics, and all your eats look so good, those figs are beautiful!

lots of love

~Jessica~ said...

Love the holiday snaps, and how you managed to look totally stunning & beautiful in every one of them. Who needs hair straighteners!?

I can't handle oats either...Sainsburies do quite a good gluten-free porridge mix, but it takes a looong time to cook properly.

Enjoy the winter clothes shopping!


Maya said...

looks like so much fun! and both of gorgeous ;) you look amazingly stunning in every picture my dear! and that figs look beautiful.


Emma said...

Wow looks like an amazing hol! And I cannot believe you found tofu in Italy- good find!!

That cereal looks good, like cocoa pops but better! I think I might have to give it a go!