Monday, 14 July 2008

Sweet joe pye

found my first local food shop!!
well happy haha
my mum only let me spend like 2 mins in it though and i was anoyed :( so much i could have bought!!
In the end i settled just for some "cheese" slices for future pizzas or to use with my mushroom burgers, (hopfully BBQ soon if it ever stops raining! stuuuupid british weather!)
I also bought two bags of vegan gummy sweets, stock up time! licorice and gummy things that look like the fruit ones u get in shops, i saw the lara bars for the first time but because there like 250 cals i thought they wernt worth buying :S

Suprised to find out that co-op's "american hard gums" are vegan! shocked, maybe oneday soon...

In the pic also is my licorice bars from waitrose, my dairyfree yoghurts from tescos, organic oeanut butter, i wanted to try the one with chocolate in but i didnt realise till after that it was dairy free, i think i may buy it anyway and not wait to get through this monster tub i just bought, 45675435 stone later :P haha

for dinner i used wholegrain spaghetti, tomato pasta sauce, fake chicken bits, courgette, baby sweetcorns, bit of mushroom stirfry and mixed it all up :) it was scrummy and very filling, took me ages to finish my plate. il try upload my picture tonight!

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